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Netcad Hosts Minister of Economy of Switzerland and the Swiss Businessman

May,8 2015

Philippe LEUBA, Minister of Economy of Switzerland, have visited Netcad on 8 May 2015 in company with Swiss businessman committee.

Representatives of Switzerland Ministry, Embassy and the committee of 25 businessman have visited Netcad, one of the Pioneer software firms of Turkey, to understand the importance of informatics and innovation in Turkey and to examine the works done in this respect on 8 May 2015.


As welcomed by the authorities of Netcad, a software firm with 26 years of exprience, the committee was informed about the solutions and the software developed by Netcad as well as the EU projects and R&D activities. The great works realized by Netcad in national and international levels were appreciated by the committee. In his speech done at the end of visit, the head of committee has mentioned that Netcad’s works effected them very much and that works were really good samples to understand the software developments of Turkey.