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Access Time Analysis

Access Time Analysis

The screen / display on which we intend to input data in the Network Access Time Analysis is accessible via the Network Access Time Analysis of the window, architect. A network is developed as indicated in the input to develop this work flow and although spatial data source is required, add spatial reference must be placed as output. As a result, incoming time and outgoing time are provided on the data table. By viewing the data on this table, we can see the specific period of time it can complete a road piece by piece. 

Operator information


Operator Name: Network Access Time Analysis

Operator Provider: Network Analysis Operators

Explanation: To divide the lines according to time remaining on the network as per the information which is provided to this operator and save the times of incoming on and outgoing from the line.


  • Topological network: List of geometries available on the topological network (For example, the result of the Shortcut Analysis)
  • Speed macro: It is compulsory to input one of the Speed macros on the Topological network. The speeds of the lines would be found out according to this information. (km / h)
  • Vehicle Maximum Speed : The speed of the road may not be higher than the speed of the vehicle. The speed of the road is corrected according to this value. Its unit is km / h.
  • Speed Safety Factor: The speed of the vehicle is reduced in proportion to this value. A value between 0 and 1 must be assigned. In cases where a value higher than 1 would be assigned, then, it would be assumed at %. For example, if the value, 50, is assigned, it would be processed as 0.5.
  • Analysis Starting Time: Time information will be written starting from this time. It writes the specific time at which respective data are generated as regards date and time. Calculation shall be carried out accordingly on the output of the table which would generate in connection therewith.
  • Time Resolution: It ensures that the specific frequencies at which the resulting lines would develop are indicated. Its unit is minute. For example, in cases where the value, 1 minute, would be provided, then, it ensures that intermediate lines, the shift of which would take 1 minute between the line vertexes provided, are developed.

Output: Incoming time – outgoing time and speed results














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