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Application Settings

This is the section that is setting up the editor and connection settings of the Gisara application.






Showing required database connections and query template connections to the application are needed for reaching, questioning and displaying of the produced and managed data sets. For this, necessary information is entered in the General Settings section by pressing the right mouse button in the Gisara module.





  1. Database connection is made at the Netcad, if a connection of the open project is desired to use, this option must be "True". Default must be leave as "False".
  2. If "Use Connection of the Active Project" option is "False", file path is written to this area where the connection file is.
  3. The changes made at the "General Settings" section show the holding place in your computer.
  5. XML files path is written which have the tabs to be used in Gisara module.
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