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Change Size


Dimensions (width and height) of raster data can be changed by the method selected with Change Size.

Desired width and height of the raster data can be entered manually in the Change Size window.

Maintain Ratios option enables raster data to be changed while maintaining the size ratio. When checked, the operation is performed by maintaining the ratio between the width and height values entered.

While changing the size of the raster data also 2:1, 1:2 and ORG buttons can be used. 2:1 means that the raster data size will be doubled, 1:2 means that the raster data size will be halved, ORG means that the raster data will be at its original size.

In the resize process, the resized raster data filter can be applied. Available filter types (3 * 3, 5 * 5, 7 * 7, 9 * 9) at the bottom of the window can be used for this.



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