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Group Classification


Classify Group classifies different color groups detected on the image, enables defining more appropriate colors and classification of those in homogeneous groups fit for purpose and allows to better distinguish from each other, the objects and limits with reflectance values in similar shades.

In this way, pixels with close brightness (reflectance) values are grouped towards the purpose and new colors are assigned and pixel groups required to be displayed in same group and color are completely classified as user-defined.



If you do not want the class definitions to be reflected on the classified image, use the "Active" option. Class line not wanted to be reflected to the final data can be deactivated with double click.


Name and description of the specified class can be entered.


Color definitions specified for the class are viewed. Color definition can be picked from raster or palette with right click and Select Color.

Right click operations

Add Class; is used for adding classes to new class set.

Delete Class; enables deleting an existing class set.

Clear List; is used to clear all class sets added.

Save Classes; enables saving class sets generated in (*.SNF) format.

Load Classes; is used for loading the class definitions saved with the save classes operation.

Select Color; enables selecting the color desired to be displayed for specified class set on the image from the palette.

Select Unclassified Pixel Color; defines the color to be used for unclassified pixels.

Add Color; adds pixel color values to be processed in the class set added. Pixel selection is performed at the original image section of the Classify Group window.

Delete Color; is used to delete color definitions added to the class set.


Enables the pixels to be included in the class according to the proximity of selected pixels.

Original Image

Image preview to be considered in classification. Image can be changed with '...' button.

Classified Image

Image preview obtained after classification.


For Classify Group operation (?)




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