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The results found by the Corridor Analysis are added by the Add A Spatial Reference (?) operator under references.

On the created table, all properties of Netcad 6 GIS such as thematic creation (?), labeling (?), transfer to CAD structure, etc. (?) may be used.


The metric results may be displayed by the right key / Table command on the Spatial Table.

IDA result number. 
Max SlopeA maximum slope value of the result found by the analysis transaction along the line. 
Total Cost

A reference cost of the road found by evaluating the unit road, slope, lateral slope, costs of passage through special structures, and costs of passage through criteria areas. This value never states an actual cost, and is produced to compare these results ear other. 

LenghtTotal length of the line. 
Avg SlopeAverage slope of the line. 



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