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GeoRSS is a search engine that allows users to search within rss resources.


With GeoRSS search, RSS feeds of online GeoRSS providers can be tracked, and these RSS feeds can be used in projects with location information. Immediate follow-up data can be viewed on Netcad screen or internet browser by reading through GeoRSS servers. The link to the GeoRSS Settings window must be added in order for the application to be available. Then the GeoRSS search engine is selected and the search button is clicked on the search line to search for the added link. Select the relevant information from the search result list and click on it to access the result database.


Advanced Search

RSS SourceThe server for the RSS feed which will be searched is selected. Accordingly, the call can be made to all, selected or addressed servers.
SettingsDefault ApproachWhen the line after the search is clicked, the approximate scale value in meters can be defined.