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NETGIS Server Help



  • Installation & ConfigurationThis section provides information about the infrastructure and installations for the map display. Installation phases of NETGIS Server and its components, software and hardware requirements are collected under the licensing and activation title. It must be read first for the harmonious functioning of the NETGIS Server and its products.
  • User GuideUser Guide that contains NETGIS Server interfaces documentation is used by the end user.
  • Administrators GuideThis section explains necessary adjustment and procedures to prepare and manage a web-based GIS applications with Netgis Server. This adjustment and procedures are grouped under main headings such as user and authorization management, data creation, workspace preparation, workspace presentation.
    • Administrators Guide - HomepageNETGIS Server management interfaces are described on this page. Managing workspace, the creation of enterprise projects and making the authorization settings can be provided with these interfaces.
    • User and Authorization ManagementNetgis Server authorization processes are explained.
    • Data PreparationPreparation processes are described of the data to be used in the map presentation (spatial and tiles).
    • Creating WorkspaceThe projects that hold settings are called workspace such as the drawing order of the data to be submitted by NETGIS Server, drawing styles, query definitions. This section contains information about the Netcad interfaces used in the preparation of workspace.
    • Workspace PresentationOn this page, Netgis Server Workspace installation, user-based changing of the Netgis Server Map client interface, search settings,  component (plug-in settings), OGC services are explained.
  • NetgisServer/360 Panorama
  • Netgis Server Enterprise SettingsIn this section, the settings to be done are described to having Netgis Server Enterprise support for a workspace.
    • Preparing Enterprise Client TemplateEnterprise Client Template is a project template that has required access information for a given workspace presented by Netgis Server Enterprise. Necessary processing steps for the preparation of this template are contained in this section. A workspace template is prepared once, then same template is used for each operation.
  • Netcad 360° View
  • Common Applications





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