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General Information

What is Basin?


Basins are sites that collect the surface water flow from rainfalls. A river section where the flow of water from rainfalls over the are  and passing to the sectional area is called the river drainage basin or catchment area.

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Land Consolidation


Land consolidation is necessary for block plannings, determining the structures to block cross-roads and block road stockade.

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Road and Dam Projects


Road, canal, dam projects, the most suitable route and site selection, size of drainage structures and types are required for locations. Forms the main requirement to build dam and reservoir projects. Is important for analysis of flood channel sizing and determination of the structures within the project planning process.

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Infrastructure Projects


Extremely important for designing drinking water, hydraulic calculations and drainage basins for wastewater and stormwater projects.

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Used as inputs in the analysis and synthesis processes of disaster risk analysis and watershed area selection information which are taken into consideration.

Find Basin


DTM Basin

D8 - 8 Directional Flow Model
8-way flow model is used in Netcad for detection of catchment area.

Water will flow towards the grid with the lowest height.

'8-way flow model' is used for defining the flow direction in computer environment. 

To show the current direction, there are numerical values which are shown in gray, defining the direction of the flow. For example, the value 1 is used to indicate the direction of flow, the value 32 is used to indicate the northwest direction and the value 2 is used to indicate the southeast direction.

a: Altitude information of cells,

b: Flow directios,

c: In this aspect, data tables which will be used in the software are displayed.


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