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NETHYDRO Release Notes 

 1.0.8 GP4 / 19.07.2017

Compatible with Netcad7 GP10 and Netcad 7.6 GP5 version

  • The Nethydro module is only controlled via Hasp. GP3 / 20.12.2016

Netcad 7 runs in compatible with GP9 and Netcad 7.6 GP3.

  • The report of “Hydraulic and Hydrologic Calculations” approved by General Directorate of Highways is gained.
  • Find Basin process has been improved. GP2 / 09.02.2016

Runs in compatible with Netcad7 GP6 and Netcad 7.6.

  • Parameters of the precipitation distribution can be calculated for each basin in any size.
  • Find Basin process has been added to realize a new basin analysis on the rest model after taking out the intended sub basins from the modelled basins. GP1 / 24.08.2015

Runs in compatible with Netcad GP3.

  • Improvements have been realized in the components of basins.
  • Improvements have been realized in the overflow calculations.
  • Various improvements have been realized. / 14.05.2015

First version compatible with Netcad (GP2)  has been released. 




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