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What is Netigma?

Netigma is an end-user programming tool that helps you create full blown web applications w/o any code. 

Netigma provides the building blocks of a typical web application. You can design forms, create relations, create reports, create thematic maps, connect databases, create rules and styles all by simple drag and drop. Manage, authenticate and authorize your users. Send periodic reports to managers. Create your project's documentation or Test your project's performance just with a click. 

All Netigma features are thoroughly tested. So no matter what you do the quality of your application is always above the average and secure.

Your field experts can now Design, Develop, Maintain and Support your software. Netigma gives great agility, cost saving and high level of customer satisfaction.

Netigma is also great for prototyping. 70% to 100% of the requirements are solved w/o any code. Netigma's Multi-Layer architecture also provides limitless possibilities for programmers in case any custom code is required.  


Why Netigma?

"A user is someone who tells her/his demand when he/she saw the end product"

The difference of knowledge and the communication language between the user and developer causes risks in analysis phase and failure in projects. A small failure exprienced in analysis phase of the project can effect the end product negatively.

Netigma minimizes that risk by the presentation opportunity of prototype to the customer in advance. First prototype is generally very close to the end product and released within days.

In that period, Netigma enables the experts, who will use the program, to take a part in development processes of the product actively and determines a common platform for the users, analysists, designers, test experts and developers.

"The best code is the one not being coded"

As minimizing the code quantity, Netigma solves the risks of software developer dependency, overcost projects, mistakes, different designed interfaces and difficulty in use. There exist many national projects and products developed with Netigma without any software developer support in Turkey. The users could develop a typical software project without coding the %70 to % 100 of it.

"The fundamental problem with program maintenance is that fixing a defect has a substantial chance of introducing another.." (Fred Broks)

Netigma, a platform tested very well and currently used in over two hundreds projects developed by different institutions, enables the users to test their projects with minimum mistake.


Netigma for Whom?

Netigma is developed for executives, who are reponsible with integration and software maintenance in public authorities or private sector as well as project administrators, software developers and technical staff.

Netigma is an ideal solution that enables the private sector firms to come to fore in the competitive world of software by developing high quality and minimum cost projects. Revisions of the public authorties' projects, contracts and the products developed according to changeable regulations is very simple with Netigma  notwithstanding limited sources.

Information cards and the interfaces like query and report could be created dynamically.

Netigma presents business intelligence talent. Through its web part talent the program enables to install components like query result, statistics, report, graphic and pivot table to the designable pages.

Netigma has multilanguage support. By listing all the terms used in developed interfaces, the users could add new languages to the system practically.

Through process managemet, corporate processes could be easily developed with Netigma.

Scheduler management of Netigma helps the users to create a structure that enables to realize the processes automatically in time.

Rule Engine and Action Talent of the program enables the users to manage the data acquired from all types of source and  identify actions according to the results. E-mail and sms notification systems for actions are ready to use.

Document archive talent enables the storage of all types of documents related with users's records with their authorisations and version management.

Different meta data could be defined according to document types.

By just one click, Netigma can test all the interfaces of applications and report the results with performance evaulations.

Furthermore, Netigma provides visual theme support.

By its multi layer and service tendency structure, Netigma makes possible distributed structures.

Through portal talents, Netigma could display the data acquired from different web applications by RSS.

Netigma presents a common management platform by User and Authorisation Management Application. When needed, it can be integrated with LDAP.

The users can track the operations through "Log Administration Application".

Database is independant.The program can work with all common databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Postgre SQL and PostGIS.

The geographical talent of database system could provide spatial data support. 

Query results could be displayed with map integration as thematic on web based map, Google Earth and desktop CAD/GIS software.

Netigma provides ready connection with e-government services (UAVT, TAKBIS, MEGSIS, MAKS, etc) as well as providing ready platform for integration with new and different services.

Netigma's open architecture and library system never limits the software developers but support them.



Netigma has two type licence models.

Developer Licence: The licence needed to develop project/product.

Runtime Licence : For the server on that Netigma will run, runtime licence is needed. Licence will be done for each server.


FeatureNetigma RuntimeNetigma Developer
Data entry, change in query interface(tick)(tick)
Report building/editing(tick)(tick)
Menu building/editing(tick)(tick)
Folder archive talents(tick)(tick)
Google Earth integration(*)(tick)(tick)
NetgisServer map server integration(*)(tick)(tick)
Netcad GIS integration (*)(tick)(tick)
Query results export talent (Word,Excel,Pdf,Html..)(tick)(tick)
Statistical queries, graphic reports and thematic map creation(tick)(tick)
Building user identified sample queries(tick)(tick)
Preparing a personal page oppurtunity through WebPart/Portlet features(tick)(tick)

LogServer application for operation records

Process management application (State Server) (tick)(tick)
Authorisation (group&user creation) Application (Authentication Server)(tick)(tick)
New table and object description(error)(tick)
Coloumn add, remove, change(error)(tick)
Remove the object(error)(tick)
Object relations definiton, remove, edition(error)(tick)
Preparing new data entry and query interface(error)(tick)
Backup/Restore activities(error)(tick)
Module preparing, module loading(error)(tick)
Multilanguage support(error)(tick)

Developing and loading a new component to use in Netigma


Developing new applications by using Netigma API systems and install them to Netigma


Netcad Developer Network (techical support and access to help documents for software developers over NCDN)

Self documentation and test tools(error)(tick)
Scheduler Server(error)(tick)
Change of application visuality (theme, banner, login, etc.).(error)(tick)


(*) NetgisServer requires standart licencing.

Netcad Developer Network

Netcad Developer Network (NCDN) is a platform that presents all the necessary documents like libraries (API) and code samples for developing softwares by using Netcad as well as giving technical service. Detailed information about adding special pages to Netigma or developing Netigma's components is also included in NCDN platform.To reach that platform, membership is a necessity.

For the access to NCDN click...