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Netigma Release Notes



Click on the corresponding version number to access information about the versions.

  • The "Map form editor" is added to the information form which makes it possible to enter the information of any coordinates selected from the map.
  • Misc. enhancements are made.
  • Various improvements were made in mobile.
  • Cloning feature was introduced in printer friendly query reports.
  • Misc. enhancements are made.
  • Printer Friendly Report Preparation feature is enhanced
  • The message component has been enhanced.
  • Persian language support is added
  • The ability to enter N-N related table data into information forms has been improved.
  • Other improvements
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to send and create new record.
  • The map added to the information form is now responsive.
  • Added ability to save graphics
  • Statistical queries have the ability to write custom functions. 
  • Added Wizard feature which makes it easy to define database tables as object, form, query pages and menus.
  • The Edit Mode feature has been added to the existing Metadata to allow easy and quick editing of query pages and form interfaces. You do not have to go through object list operations to change the type, order, etc. of a column or form, you can edit them directly on the page.
  • With Suite Setup, Base - NetGIS Server - Multiple choice installation capability for SDK and Netigma applications has been brought.
  • Other Innovations
    • Added the ability to add objects from multiple schemes to objects in Oracle vt-related metadata and use them in the application.
    • Added messaging module.
    • Export ability for pivot grid is brought.
    • Ability to add files to query endorsements or to all records.
    • New tabbing for query pages and info forms is switched.
    • The new tab structure has been transformed for metadata management pages.
    • Additional improvements were made to make it clear where they were in menus and queries.
    • Improvements are made to the automatic adjustment of column widths on pivot grid results and fit them to the page.
    • Link viewing editor added verification message feature.
    • The ability to select images for image addings fields in meta processes has been enhanced with image preview capability.
    • In the tree structure, the sub-items are provided when the query editor is selected by selecting the upper group with the query editor.
    • Authorization capability for templates has been introduced.
    • The ability to order and sort columns for templates has been introduced.
    • Enhancements such as graphic report features, label printing feature enhancements/reductions were made.
    • The settings for graphical report results can now be easily stored.
    • Adjustments have been made so that the added templates go directly to the query result.
    • Added report setting text property that allows chart properties to be moved to report.
    • Added the Components loading feature in the reports.
  • Look on the mobile devices has changed completely. Responsive design is now used.
  • Quick interface components are used. Grid, menu, tree components are now working faster.
  • General search component added.
  • SDK-Netigma Integration provided.
  • Query end result has been made to update the selected records in bulk.
  • The contents created by Netigma have become possible to run code before or after they occur, to listen to Netigma events, and to customize the application. 
  • Problems with NETIGMA GISARA integration have been fixed.
  • With the new Layout, more space is allocated for the content to be viewed.
  • The Netigma Documentation page, response time and resource consumption have been reduced and visually improved.
  • Thematic reception window is visually improved.
  • Menu icons are now also clickable.
  • Netcad icons and logos can now be hidden.
  • Multi-language support for thematic preparation. In addition, the entire application is scanned, and multiple language support is added to the parts that do not support multiple languages.
  • The meta management screen also has multi-language support.
  • Through sessionId containing connections, session signing has been prevented from bypassing different machines without passing the security check.
  • "Macro", "Data Lockout", "Data Exchange", "Timer" and "Send Email" actions have been added.
  • Multi-language support for thematic preparation. In addition, the entire application is scanned, and multiple language support is added to the parts that do not support multiple languages.
  • Various enhancements and error corrections are made.


  • The queries are much faster.
  • Added e-Government Services Support to NETIGMA API
  • An optional security verification image has been added to the login screen. (Captcha)
  • Authorization has become mandatory. Role names that can be defined on the meta are now used for easy authority management.
  • Various enhancements and error corrections are made.
  • Added the Clone property, which creates a copy of the selected object for Query, Query Page, Form, and Reports.
  • In queries, a query-based setting allows left joins to be used.
  • In the Grids, related inquiries and reports are provided.
  • Added login webpart. After logging into the system with a user, another user is allowed to log in again quickly.
  • Added user counter webpart field. The counter shows how many user entries are made in the Netigma application.
  • Weather WebPart field added. According to the selection of the province 5-day weather forecast application can be added.
  • Added RSS webpart field.
  • Chart, Thematic results are added to the report.
  • The Topn feature was added to the queries.
  • Links can be added to statistical query results.
  • Meta Documentation Feature added. This feature speeds up the tests with a detailed texture that includes control of all the pages of the application.
  • Added a Report object that returns the cluster function value (Max, Min, Count) of a column
  • Slider control provided for use in Netigma Forms
  • The files tab has been visually edited.
  • Process Manager improved
  • Chart selection screen improved
  • Misc. enhancements are made.
  • Added direct slide opening option for pictures
  • Html report of query results can be displayed
  • Added file preview feature on Grid
  • Added file upload support with drag-drop
  • In the datasheet column attachment, it is allowed as read-only from the associated objects
  • Thematic maps generated in the statistics query results provide user-defined color space
  • A checkbox is provided that allows a value defined by default to be defined as a ComboBox
  • Bulk image, file upload process performed
  • Belnet has multiple language support.
  • Report preparation editor improved.
  • Added link to create new user on user login screen.
  • The WebBasicService derived classes have been made easier to use internally.