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Netcad/360 Window

Netcad/360 window is opened bottom of the screen by default.

The next point can be moved by clicking the green arrow at the center.

There is a mark indicating the north direction in the yellow circle at the center of the arrows.


360-fullscreen Button at the upper right corner makes full screen Netcad/360 window.

360 - ekran_properties Button at the top right opens options .

360 - ekran_previous Button at the top left takes to previous position.

360 - ekran_fotograf Button at the top left opens Take Photograph/Go Location window.

360 - olcum Button at the top left opens measurement window.

360 - katman_yoneticisi Button at the top left opens Layer Manager.

360_Belnet_bilgikarti Button at the top left opens Belnet Information Card.




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