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Netcad Base is a product family that meets the needs of Netcad server applications such as user, authority, transaction logs, parameter, process management, scheduled tasks. The Netcad Base product family has SOAP service support, so it is possible to use it in common with other applications. In this way, institutions can manage all their applications through a central structure.

Product Family

Netcad Base product family consists of 5 applications in total.

  1. Authentication Server
  2. Log Server
  3. Parameter Server
  4. State Server
  5. Scheduler Server

Common Features

The server applications in the Netcad.Base product family have several common features.

  • Each application is a web application.
  • Each application has its own services.
  • Each application has its own API to call its own dedicated services.
  • Each application has its own interface which can be customized.

Authentication Server

Authentication Server is the Netcad Base application which has basic functions about the application of authorized processes of registered applications, user / group management, user / group privileges on application, registration, regional basis.

Log Server

Log Server is a Netcad Base application that enables the managed applications' logs to be managed from one place.

Parameter Server

Parameter Server is the Netcad Base application with basic functions such as whether to install or not install the modules of Netcad applications, the settings of the add-ons, and the synchronization of these settings.

State Server

State Server is the Netcad Base application with basic functions such as state defining, managing, and providing feedback when it is needed.

Scheduler Server

Scheduler Server is a Netcad Base application with basic functions such as storing, managing scheduled tasks of registered applications.

Technical Videos

You can follow the working examples of the topics that Report Design, Query Result Customization, Documentation, Process Management, Document Archive, Transaction Logs, Language Support, Netigma Information Resources, Adding Custom Pages, Creating Netigma Components, NCDN Presentation, Query Templates, Home Design.

Netcad Information Sharing Platform

Technical information sharing platform which providing 24/7 free technical support on the web, the forum can examine more than 50,000 members of the forum at any time they need, answer questions by Netcad technical experts, and find out the questions asked and the answers to these questions.

All you have to do is log in to Netcad Forum. If you are not a member, it is time to register now!

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