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Netcad GIS Database Connection Properties


Database management is the tool in which database functions required within Netcad GIS are collected. A connection is established for each database. A new connection is established with New. Each connection can also be a separate DBMS (Database Management System).


New Connection can also be established in operations such as Layer Manager / Add Spatial Reference, Add Shape Reference, Add KML Reference, Add WFS Reference. Preferred and easy way is to add it as a reference.

Connection Properties




When the connection name is first added it is named as 'Bağlantı1', this option is used when you want to change the connection name.


Connectivity properties are changed.

Run Command

It is used to write and execute SQL commands related to the database.

For advanced users, it enables to perform certain operations (Insert, Update, Delete, Create, etc.) that cannot be performed with the standard SQL wizard in the program.

Read Data

Spatial data files in different formats can be read without any data loss.

Remove Connection

Used to remove selected database from the Database Management window when the selection is approved.



Each connection can include geographic and textual data tables. You can create these tables in Database Management. Structure of table columns, relations and constraints (such as cannot cut) between tables are also defined within the connection.


Netcad Spatial type is supported in all DBMS's seen in the list. Netcad Spatial is Netcad's Database geometry format. It recognizes and uses native geometry types in environments with geometry support (Oracle SDO, SQL Server 2012 and PostgreSQL (with PostGIS), etc.). Netcad Spatial is used for Oracle with no SDO option.

Netcad GIS supports LRS (Linear Referencing System) in all environments. For details of LRS (?)


Data in ESRI SHP (Shape) and Personal GeoDatabase formats can be directly used. MS Access Connection Type should be created for Personal Geodatabase. If selected MDB File is in PGDB format, Netcad will recognize it.


Data can be retrieved from CAD, Shape, GML to any DBMS or data can be provided in these formats. Data can be freely transferred also between different connections.


You can export your GIS projects created in Netcad GIS environment to NETGIS Server in a single step and publish them on the Web (This capability requires NETGIS Server License).