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Netgis Server Enterprise Settings

In this section, the settings to be done are described to having Netgis Server Enterprise support for a workspace.

Netgis Server Enterprise will pack the data that can be used on the end-user's desktop software properly. These packages are called template.

The template to be used is required to introduce Netgis Server to having Enterprise support of a workspace.

Netgis Server Enterprise Template Preparation

A template is formed with an MDB and a NCZ file.

Data is included in the MDB file. It can be in Netcad Spatial or Geodatabase formats.

Typical project settings are included in NCZ file such as drawing sequence of data, display settings.

Please visit the Enterprise Client Template preparation page for more information about template preparation.

Loading templates to the server

The following steps are followed for loading the prepared template:

  • Netgis Server > Workspace page is entered.
  • The cvs icon on the right side is pressed for the workspace that templates will be added.

  • A new template is created by pressing the new icon on the pop-up page.

  • Finish editing icon is pressed after entering template name and the base directory. (Base directory must be given complete form. Example; C:\ALTLIK\Antakya.ncz)

  • Template is loaded to server by saving template, entering files and choosing ncz and mdb files. (!!!Projections of the template mdb and template ncz must be same.)
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