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Netgis Server Map Client

Netgis Server Map Client is visible face to the end users of the Netgis Server.

It offers many advanced features besides the basic functions such as querying, easy navigation on maps. Thematic mapping, search engine, direct tiles access, Google Maps, Bing Maps, access to online maps servers with the OGC WMS are some of these skills.

It is completely web-based, thus it works on all platforms.

The general structure of the map client is as follows. Detailed information can be reached from contents section.



  • Navigating On The MapIt includes zoom in / zoom out / scroll operations, turn on and off layers from the layer manager.
  • SearchNetgis Server Map Client offers a variety of methods can be used for query objects in map layers. Each method is useful in different situations.
    • General SearchGeneral Search works like the search engine that belongs to application. Desired object can be accessed by typing keywords only. Enhanced questioning techniques are also included to narrow the search results.
    • Search Module (Categorical Search)Search module is used to find objects on a layer with hierarchical selection process. For example, firstly neighborhood is defined to selecting parcel, then a pilot in the selected neighborhood and finally parcel within the selected island.
    • Table Query
  • 360 Application360 application is provides to access 360 degree panoramic photos of a desired area on the map.
  • Plug-InsUsers are informed about the usage of plug-ins.
  • Usage On Mobile DevicesUsage on the mobile is described at the SDK.

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