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Netgis Server OGC Services Usage

Netgis Server can provide data in many OGC standards in this section, how to reach the data is described which is presented in the WMS, WMS, WFS, CAT, WCS standard.

OGC Services

OGC services supported by Netgis Server and sample requests of these services are explained. 

General Use


Workspace name should be specified in all URLs unless NETGIS Server "default workspace" is specified. 

Calling Default Workspace 


Calling WS by specifying Workspace 



(info) Manager Guide page should be visited in order to prepare a Netgis Server project.

Project is created with the OGS services that are to be presented and after (info) Loading Workspace to Netgis Server operation, it can be used with sample requests as given below.

In order to display these links with Netcad, (info) HELP:Netcad 7 GIS page should be visited.

WFS( Web Feature Service ) Document

Three types of queries are used in WFS queries. 

  • GetCapabilities
  • DescribeFeatureType
  • GetFeature


GetCapabilities: Capabilities of WFS server and table information installed on server are received with this query.

Getcapabilities Request



DescribeFeatureType: Information related to the required table can be received with this query.

DescribeFeature Type



GetFeature: Data can be received from the table depending on the required criteria with this query.

Extracting Records of Neighborhood Layer





It brings up all data related to BDUZU:GEOMAHALLE table. "BDUZU" value is the "Connection Name" belonging to the workspace. 



Extracting Records of Neighborhood Layer



WFS-Transaction (WFS-T) : Web Feature Service provides query and attribute information. With WFS-T service, it is possible to create, delete and update the data provided with WFS. These operations depend on authorization.

All of these operations can be done through Netcad via WFS link of Netgis Server. 



For the use of links with WFS-T capability with Netcad, Read Data | GeoSpatial (SHP, TAB, MIF, E00, GML etc.) page should be visited.

WMS (Web Map Service)

Two types of queries are used in WMS queries 

  • GetCapabilities
  • GetMap
  • GetFeatureInfo

GetCapabilities: With this query, the request for map presentation capabilities of the server is received and the request is met. As a result of the GetCapabilities request, the server sends an XML file containing the necessary information to the client.

WMS Getcapabilities Request



GetMap: With this query, the request is received and the details or picture map is presented to meet the request. When performing a GetMap request, the client can determine the information that it wants to appear on the map.

WMS GetFeatureInfo Request






  • Layers of the project in use are written in layers field (that are required to appear on map)
  • Bbox to be used in the project is written in bbox field.
  • Other sections specify the image properties to be displayed.

CAT CSW (Catalog Services for the Web)

CSW is a catalog service.
Catalog services provide meteadata issuance and querying capabilities.
This metadata can be related to spatial data, services and associated objects.
Catalog services should support contacting and researching resources within an information network.

It has 4 types of request (function): 

GetCapabilities:  It is a Get request that shows the capabilities of the server. In response to this request, an XML document showing the capabilities of the server is sent. 

DescribeRecord: It is a Post request used to get information about the records found in the server. In response to this request, an XML document containing the records in the server is sent. 

GetRecordById: It is a Get request that allows the records in the server to be queried from the IDs. In response to this request, the corresponding record is sent as an XML document. 

GetRecords: It is a Post request that allows querying the catalog records contained in the server. In response to this request, the records that meet the criteria are sent as an XML document. 

GetCapabilities, GetRecordById are GET, DescribeRecord, GetRecords are POST requests. 



For the WMTS service, the project must have the tile that is formed in the EPSG standard. For tile preparation operations, Netcad 7 GIS | Tile Creator page should be visited. 

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