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 Does Netigma offer a solution for managing all the applications in the institution from one point to another?

Other services such as AuthenticationServer, LogServer, ParameterServer and Scheduler that come with Netigma can also be used by other software through the services they provide. In the case of using AuthenticationServer for all applications running at the corporation, user authentication and authorization processes, IT departments can manage all applications from one interface. Similarly, you can use LogServer for transaction logs, ParameterServer for application parameters, and Scheduler for scheduled tasks. 

Netigma can also work with these applications if there are existing applications for these jobs in the institution. Netigma management can be done through these systems without the need for separate management interfaces. 

 On which platform does Netigma work?

Netigma is a web based application developed with Microsoft.Net. The server application runs on MS Windows and IIS. All modern clients (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) work on the user side, including mobile platforms.

 What map server / clients does Netigma work with?

Netigma offers ready-made infrastructures to integrate with all software, including Geographic Information System. Any mapping client can be accessed from the netigma query result or info card. With the JavaScript code to be written into the Netigma report, the relevant map image can be reached by transmitting coordinates, information, etc. to the clients, as well as some editors in Netigma for some clients. 

 Which languages can be used to develop code on Netigma?

Developers can add to Netigma by creating custom page, editor, component, etc. One of the .Net languages (C #, Visual Basic, etc.) can be used for this. 

Also applications written on other platforms can communicate with Netigma via web services and exchange data

 How is Netigma not showing menus on the info card used in VGA?

There is an area where information card identification is made in the xml file used by VGA.

With Netigma version, at the end of the information card link, &nomaster=1is added to hide the menus.

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