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Provided below are the rules that govern how NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  collects and uses personal information you may provide at certain times during your visit to the NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  web site:

The information collected is stored entirely within NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  databases.  NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  may consolidate your identity information with other personal information, validate this information and may ask you to verify it when it deems necessary.  Under no circumstances shall your personal information be revealed to third parties in exchange for financial gains; however, the data may be used for reporting of services provided by NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  affliates and associated companies.  While visitors are browsing the site, NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş. automatically collects such information as the specific pages visited and the links clicked.  The collected data is used solely to determine the rates at which various sections of the web site are visited.  The practice involved is not aimed specifically at identifying individuals; rather, statistical data is collected  using “cookies”, a technology that allows navigation traits to be determined across web pages, as well as the rates at which pages are visited and links are clicked.  The goal of is to make it easier for users, starting with their first click, to access that content which is most frequently visited.

NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş. does not assume responsibility for any possible damages arising from the use of your personal information as described above. Those who use our services are assumed to have read, and agreed to, these terms hereby.  NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş. reserves the right to amend these rules without prior notice.



All information, figures, comments and recommendations as well as links provided on the web site of NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  are for information purposes only.  NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  has exerted all reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided on its web site is up-to-date. Information provided on this web site may be modified, corrected and deleted at any time without any prior notice. NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  does not assume responsibility for direct and/or indirect consequences of these and similar changes, disparate interpretations of the information on the web site, incorrect information without deliberate intent, damages and/or losses arising from activities performed using this information or for the inaccessibility of the web site, possible direct or indirect losses and damages arising from navigating to and using any web site linked through this web site.

Information contained in this web site may not, under any circumstances, be copied, distributed, leased, duplicated, made available through sub-licensing, modified, saved for future use, used or made available for use for commercial purposes, in part or in whole, without prior written consent of NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.

Illegal use of any of the information on this web site, or the use of the information against the rules specified here, shall precipitate NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  to seek legal and penal actions.

Copyright on information or expressions (designs, figures, logos, etc.) on this web site is owned by NETCAD YAZILIM A.Ş.  and content may not be used without written permission.  In case of any conflict arising from the use of the web site and its content, the Turkish version of the Legal Notice shall constitute the legal basis.  Visitors of our web site shall be assumed to have agreed to the terms, including but not limited to those specified, with all means and consequences.

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