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Quick Access Toolbar


Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable, interactive structure.

The 'Quick Access Toolbar' can be displayed under the menu bar with the 'Show Under Lane' option.

The Reduce Strip option hides the popups of the menus and provides the user with a larger working area.

The right button "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" can be used to add the recent process to the Quick Access Toolbar.

The quick access toolbar allows quick access to frequently used operations. Shortcuts are customized with the arrow key at the very right.


If user customizes the Quick Access Toolbar, the relevant menus will be stored in the Nc32_USR.INI file located in the C: \ Netcad7 directory.

If user needs to save the file before formatting or before uninstalling, user can copy this file into the new Netcad installation so that the customized menus could be available.

Quick Access Toolbar Menus

The process used to open a new project page. For detailed information (?)
 With the Open process, users can open projects in different formats on Netcad. For detailed information (?)
The Save operation saves the changes made on the project. For detailed information (?)
Netcad GIS allows users to plot the project on the project screen. For detailed information (?)
Netcad provides access to the technical support platform. For detailed information (?)
Enables users to shut down the projects individually or collectively on the screen. For detailed information (?)

Enables the processes on the project screen to be undone or redone.

Allows users to visually list, select and close all projects open on Netcad screen.
Allows interrogation and modification for the object properties. For detailed information (?)
The process of scanning the coordinates of all the objects in the project and fitting the project to the screen according to the maximum and minimum values of these coordinates. For detailed information (?)
Used to enlarge any detail and display on the screen up to the capacity. For detailed information (?)

Project List

Allows users to visually list, select and close all projects open on Netcad screen.

The currently active project is selected in the list (in dark orange color). The desired project which will be displayed on the active screen is selected with the left button.

The project can be closed with the Close option located at the top right of the project preview windows.