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Report Window Object



Interactive Report report component,




With the NavigationBar you get the Neighborhood selected with OBJECTID = 1. 

Adds the following value to the URL of the report inside: EXP = MAHALLE.OBJECTID = 1 

The controls in the report can filter out this information with the value {Q @ EXPR}. 

  • All html reports of the object that the report is being prepared can be used in this control. 
    • For example, we can use a report containing graph, query result, map, etc. report objects within the report object. Thus the navigation bar or canvas becomes updated according to the selected value from the map.



Adding "Interactive Report" to the Report

To add an "Interactive Report" to the report In the left panel of the Report Design Tool, click the Report breakdown under the relevant object. In this breakdown, all reports of the object are listed. The report to be added to the interactive report is selected and moved to the report design area by dragging and dropping. 

The report we use in our example is a report that shows the query result list when it is produced from the Neighborhood Information query. 


Object Properties

sys.permissionroleIn case of authorization restriction, the name of the relevant authority role is written in this field.
netigmatypeReportIframeReportField comes automatically.
widthWidth is entered.
heightHeight is entered.
reportnameThe name of the selected report in the meta automatically comes up.

{Q@EXPR} is entered as

{Q@EXPR} : Q expresses the parameter of the report (Querystring). The report is acted upon by sending the EXPR parameter to the other report in which it interacts.

styleFor example: height:100%;border:none
AllowinteractivityIt can take two values, False or True. When False, the interaction feature is turned off ie the value selected from the Navigation Bar or Canvas Map does not update the report content. When True, the interaction feature is turned on.

If a global report containing the results of all the entries in the Navigation Bar List is defined and this report is to be displayed when an All / Each option in the list is clicked, the name of the Global Report is written in this field. 


Ex: NetigmaGlobalReport.InteractiveReport (this is the name of the global report as defined in the sample document)  


See Also: What is a Global Report




If there is a grid in the report window that opens, the query property must be set to {Q@EXPR} as the criteria property. 


Interactive Report View on Report Screen


The following report is the left panel Navigation Bar control and the right panel is the Interactive Report report.  

The report displayed in the interactive report object is a report created using the neighborhood query result. 

Depending on the name of the neighborhood selected from the Navigation Bar, the query result in the right hand rapport is also updated.  


EXAMPLE 2:The following report is the top panel Navigation Bar control and the bottom panel is the Interactive Report report object.  

The report displayed in the interactive report object is an HTML report that brings the total path length graph on a per-neighborhood basis. 

Depending on the name of the neighborhood selected from the Navigation Bar, the graph on the bottom rapport is also updated.