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Search Threader


With the Search Threader, the layout limits of standard pages of each measure written on the search line can be created on the active project.

The Threader name should be written as "-" in between.

After the search threader left bottom and right top coordinate and scale information is observed. Using the Go to and Create options, the threader is added to or approached to the project.

GoAllows the project screen to approach the search coordinates of the threader.
CreateEnsures that the searched threader is added to the project.

Other Find Threader Options


To view which threader a point is pointing to on the graphical display click (?)

To get to a known locale on the graphical display click (?)

To create a threader border layout that is drawn on the graphical screen click (?)


The thread names that this search engine recognizes are suitable for Turkey threader division. For more information on threader partitioning, click here.