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Status Bar


The Status Bar contains informations such as the layer of the project, the line, the scale, the projection, the coordinate panel and the command line. The active layer and the line which will be used for this layer can be observed in this section.

Active Layer


Selected active layer are represented in the project. In drawing and editing, new objects will be transferred to this layer. If users are in a different DOC menu, they can access the 'Layer Manager' by clicking on the active layer.

Active Route Type

The active line which is in the display section. New drawings created in the project will be created in this line type. If users are in a different DOC menu, they can reach the 'Symbolology' section by clicking on the active line type.

Scale Panel

The bar is displayed after active layer and active route type views. Users must enter the monitor width for accurate calculation of the scale. For this purpose, users must select the scale settings from the drop-down menu when they click on the scale value.


There is no connection between the scale value shown here and the scale of the project. The project scale is a constant value in the project and is mainly used with the aim of producing the symbologies correctly.

Coordinate Panel

A panel showing the coordinates of the cursor. Besides the coordinate values, there are informations about projections. The gray color of the project means there are no projections. Users can use the projection setup window that opens by clicking here. In some operations, the required values are written next to the coordinate panel in terms of area, length, or process, and they change with mouse movement.


If users have NETPRO/Mine and 3D+ modules, the Z values will also be displayed in the coordinate panel on the 3D screen.

Dynamic Information Area

This section is invisible when the command line is in the 'Ready' state. Some operations here provide dynamic information while the mouse is navigating. Screen image was taken in line-drawing process. It gives the length and azimuth information of the drawn line.


Initially is the area where the message "Ready" appears. Different messages may appear here depending on the processing performed. Netcad will be running as long as the state is not "Ready".

  • Some operations may require messages to be permanent. For example, if users are loading a project, they want to see an error, such as a missing message, they may see and fix it. Such messages accumulate on the "Messages" tab in the left-hand port (dock) area. If there is a mistake, the messages will come forward.