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DIsaster COntrol MAnagement - DICOMA

The goal of the DiCoMa project is to ensure effective management of large disasters and complex emergencies by providing a set of tools that aim to improve the effectiveness of decision makers in dealing with disasters by better training and in situ support in the field.

Project information

Project name: 10031 DiCoMa

Status: Completed

Period: Dec 2011 - Jun 2014

Call: ITEA 2 Call 5

Challenge: Security and safety


Partners: 16


  • Finland 
  • Spain 
  • Turkey


Project Objectives

  • Data Abstraction tools – A Comprehensive set of tools designed to process and correlate information for decision makers.
  • Simulation and Modelling Tools – Suite of simulation tools that model natural phenomena.
  • Decision Support and Training tools – Tools thatprovide fast and clear information to decision makers and propose alternative actions.


Unique Selling Points/ Business Value

  • Decision support: event modelling, sharing physical resources and information across national and language borders.
  • Control and Decision Support Systems: rule based knowledge discovery, GIS platform, data mining, Human Computer Interaction.
  • Real Time Data Processing: inter-agency data and resource sharing, CEP, Event prediction and Modelling.

Benefits of the Project

  • Decision Support System (DSS) that it is based upon advanced algorithms.
  • System that will allow decision makers to predict the effects of given decisions in order to select the best one.
  • Simulation and modeling tools for training purposes.
  • Data abstraction: an open and service oriented platform that will provide integrated data and services for the crisis management domain.