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“Time Traveller” is a Netstore product that enables to track the differences of the same location but different time executed projects and the projects transformation from past till today. With a slider can be tracked easily.

For example; the evolution of zoning plans, how much reaction shown according to the city zoning plans, what path squattering followed in time, forest fires, changes before and after disasters, enables to track all the changes since stone age till today over the projects.

Tracking of chronologic changes on raster and vector data format

It shows the chronologic changes on CAD and GIS data which has raster and vector data with a spesific slider, entered in different times

Tracking of the change can be done by entering dates of the data

Changes on different time frames can be monitored instantly with the slider as well as “Date Entiry” button manuely. With that button entries situation of the date of entiry can be found. By the slider control, changes in different time frames can be monitored by passing to the time desired. Projects desired can be zoomed in and out at a desired scale. With the video watching attribute on the time Traveller data created in different time frames can be watched.

Enables to track chronologic change on raster and vector data formats

When loading vectors that has different time brands such as raster or GPS tiled in different time frames, time Traveller automatically shows these data. Whole chronological change can be limited. With finding the limit attribute whole time limit can be monitored.

Technical Videos

You can watch a technical videos here that showing processing steps with TIME TRAVELLING module on determining the date range on projects like such as expropriation at different times, planning and the monitoring of temporal variation.

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