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Terrain Model is usually created with elevated points taken randomly in the terrain. However, points might be needed to calculated on square or rectangle 'Grid Net' for some project but calculating a point with this method is very hard and costly. New points with certain and straight intervals, the elevations of which are calculated with interpolation can be created from these random points taken with grid operation.


Terrain model should be generated with triangle (?) operation first for the grid operation.

GeneralDelta Y / Delta Xdy and dx distances of the points to be generated.
Beginning of Pointstarting number of the point to be generated
Seamis the name of the seam on which the generated points will be saved.
ConclusionTo screenloading of generated points with the given seam name is achieved.
To point filesaves the generated points point file as (*NCN).
To Netcad Grid filesaves the generated points grid file as (*NCD). For utilization of these files (?)
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