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 Write Elevation in Curves


Height values are written over contours.


Operation is applied to curves that have open seams under layers and each elevation value is written under separate elevation increase seams.

Elevation values are written on the screen based on increasing direction of the curve.


Periodic Along Curve; elevation information is entered on curve according to first text and period values.

Where it cuts the line; elevation information is written along the line to be shown over contour lines.

First TextAt which meter the elevation information will be written from the start of the curve is determined.
PeriodRepetition interval value to which elevation values will be written after the elevation text placed at a distance of first text.
Font SizeElevation value is the font size. Values are entered in mm.

Elevation values on the curves are written according to increasing slope of the terrain. Therefore, in order to write elevation values that are compatible with regulations; visibility of the layer that the triangle model is on should be activated during Write Elevation on Curves operation.

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