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Travel on Time

The application, Time Traveler / Zaman Gezgini, automatically appears in cases where there is time support / time information inside your data which are uploaded. It is possible to close and re-open it via the menu, Tools.

Time bar

The time bar corresponds to the time axis. Min. and max. time values appear on the left side and right side. You may make adjustment to the desired starting and ending times by pulling the red half arrows. 

Get close to/away from the Time Range

The buttons, (plus) and (minus), narrows or expands the selected time range.

Find the Time Limit

The Time Bar is adjusted to the min. and max. values of present data. Namely, it reverts to the starting status. 

CompareIt visually compares the data in the starting and ending values on the Time Bar.
Travel on TimeIt generates a simulation by automatically changing the time according to the settings done by you.

The tool, Travel on Time, generates a simulation by changing the time by certain steps on the present time range.

Thus, you may observe the changes to data. During this operation, your current location on the map is preserved as only time changes.

The explorer / traveler property may be used after the player settings are done. 



It is the button by which Exploration is started.


It is the button by which Exploration is paused.
StopIt is the button by which Exploration is stopped.

The player settings are the settings which are used  on the properties of Time Traveler.


No of stops

It is the number of views where there will be waiting in equal intervals from the start of the Project to its end when the Explorer is initiated. 

Waiting period

It is the display duration at each stop.
Total periodIt refers to the value, which equals to Number of Stops x Waiting Period.


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