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What Can Be Done With VGA, What Are The Usage Conveniences?

  • Door, Building, Road, Parcel and spatial data of the Plan;
    • Adding
    • Editing
    • Querying
    • Deleting
    • Updating every attribute can be done easily with VGA information cards.
  • In the user's creating and updating object process, no need to be defined any layer, line type or color.
  • Their relationships are updated dynamically according to the geometric and attribute data of different objects such as Numbering, Plan, Technical Works, Parks and Gardens etc. in the Database.
  • Postgresql, MS SQL, Oracle etc. multiple database support is available.
  • Establishing database connection, association, editing processes are done automatically.
  • Offers quick update opportunity with user-friendly, simple and convenient interface.
  • The date and by whom can be registered about all procedural steps that made.
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