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Slide, rotate, delete, scale, mirror, block etc. operations, desired object or group of objects should be selected. One operation may refer for many objects. For example, the "Slide" command corresponds to many commands such as slide text, slide point, slide symbol etc. Therefore the objects for the operation are selected using the Selection Tools.

Selection Tools is a menu that provides users great convenience. Users must learn this menu to operate more efficiently and quickly. When any operation is entered, you can use the buttons in Selection Filter opened under Selection Tools from the sticky menus at the top of the screen.


Selection process begins by selecting object one by one. Optionally, the selection methods are also usefull. Netcad selects visible object during the selection process. To select the underlying object, use the space bar for filtering object on screen. If there are multiple objects that can be selected, Netcad will list the objects and ask which one to choose.

This method can also be used to select areas. Press space button on an object. If there are nested areas (Neighborhood, Plot, Parcel), all will be listed. List order is formed accorging to the sizes of objects, from small area to larger areas.


You can deselect an object you selected by selecting again.


If the operation of selection requires you to select only lines, you can not select areas. You can also create this effect by marking the Object types. If you only want to delete lines, you must close all object types other than lines and select all from screen.


For Window, Area and Circle, you ensure that the objects selected are in a window, circle or area with Area Selection Tool. If you select those Intersecting, On or Outside the object, the rule changes and for instance you can select those outside the circle. A special case occurs if clip region is enabled during these operations and clipped records are created and selected while keeping the original records intact.

  • Those intersecting line selects the objects that intersect a given line.
  • Those including point finds the areas surrounding the point you showed.
  • Those passing through point finds the areas and lines passing through a given point.
  • Reverse selects those not selected in these operations.
  • Select Group uses a grouping feature used in some operations in Netcad. For example, you read charts in a CKS file or you scanned a slope. These are composed of numerous objects. Each object can be selected and processed separately. But if you want to select and edit all, select group must be checked. With this feature, you can delete a slope at once or you can slide a chart with no deformation.
  • Select all selects those matching the active filter rules. For example, if all is checked while only "Point" is open, all points in the project are selected.
  • Last selected repeat the last selection made. For example, sliding can continue with the last selected after slide is used. You do not have to enter rules for selection again.
  • Copy Mode is the operation copying the objects during 'Rotate, Scale, Mirror and 2 Point Conversion' operations. When this mode is used, you will not have to create the same objects again and you will save time.

For Advanced Selection Filters ... (?)

titleHow to Select Spatial Objects

Seçim pencerenin altında bulunan 'Hızlı Seçim Araçları' ile sonlandırılır. İşlem sonucunda Spatial tablo da güncellenir.

During process, using the space bar from the keyboard layers are selected for moving, rotating and deleting Spatial Objects, Selection process is finalized using Quick Selection Tools. Spatial Tables are also updated with this process.

Spatial Objects behave like CAD objects after Start Editing operation. Transformations such as slide, rotate after Start Editing, are affected by all editing including permanent projection Transformations, Object Editing, deletion and Spatial Table is updated with Finish Editing.

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