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General Variables (Parameters)


It is used in Netigma definitions that can take parametric values such as global variables, additional query criteria, operations etc. 




p1: veri Tipi :DateTime, Int32 , ... etc:;k(TargetFrameworkMoniker-%22.NETFRAMEWORK%2cVERSION%3dV3.5%22);k(DevLang-CSHARP)&rd=true

p2: input culture :en-US, tr-TR , ....

p3: output culture :en-US, tr-TR , ....

P4: format string: if dateTime which receives the format string supported by the data type produces eg dd/MM/yyyy 25/06/2015. The format string must be supported by the data type. Otherwise the result is not produced

{T@BINA_ALAN/format: Double,en-US,tr-TR, 00.0}


Many double formatter can be used.
{T@BINA_ALAN/format: Double, , , 00.0 }123.5

Culture knowledge can be left blank. In this case the current culture is used.

{T@KAYIT_TARIH/format: DateTime, , , d/M/yyyy HH:mm:ss }

9/3/2008 16:05:07

Many date formatters are available.


ANKARACapitalizes all letters.


ankaraConverts all letters to lower case.
{T@IL_ID\Lookup}ankaraReturns the lookup value of the column.









"Application name" 
{Session}"Session ID" 
{USER} "Active user code" 
{USERNAME}"Active user name" 


"Active user Province code" 
{USER@IL_AD}"Active user province name"  


"Active user district code" 


"Active user county order" 


"Active user county name"

{USERGROUP}Active user group1, active user group2, active user group3 
{A@Key} "True/ False"{A@xxxx} Whether it has xxx authority  (isValid)
{P@Key}"Value of the parameter named Key in parameter server" 


"The value of the key named form element. (Request.Form["Key"])" 


"Value of key named parameter in query string" 

The Authorization manager's SetUserState method is used to set a state for the current user. 

Example: this.Authorization.SetState ("DefaultLanguage", "tr") ...etc. If there is a value set in this way 

Eg {U @ DefaultLanguage} returns the current user's language setting. 

{LANGUAGE}Selected language codeReturns the ISO language code of tr for Turkish and 2 for English.
{CULTURE}Selected culture knowledgeTr-TR returns the entire code of the language as en-US.
{NOW} Instant time information for Sql

! is used to give a parameter to database queries. The time information turns into a parameter according to the database being connected. 




{NOW}  For oracle it converts to >> TO_DATE('" + DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss") + "','YYYYMMDD HH24:MI:SS'





Returns the value according to the parameters given from the database. 


Expression: {DB@IL[OBJECTID=6].ADI}

Output: ANKARA


Netigma 4+

{DB@IL[OBJECTID=6].ADI} returns the ADI field of the record with OBJECTID field 1 in the PROVINCE table by querying VT.






On the USER table 

CODE = active user code with {USER} 

Record the value in column BIRIMID. 

When added to the query's criteria, the query that goes to the database is added as a query, not as a value.

{NOW.DATE} Instant short historyAnin returns the knowledge of the day, month, and year as a short date text. Example: 12/22/2016
{NOW.DATETIME} Instant long history informationAnin returns the knowledge of the day, month, and year as long date text. Example: 22.12.2016 18:21