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Start Editing/Finish Editing

Operations for retrieving the spatial data to CAD environment for editing and sending them back.

Start Editing


Spatial Objects selected with Area Selection Tool (?) are retrieved into the CAD environment with Start Editing. So that they can be edited with flexible tools of the CAD environment.

  • 'Start Editing' operation marks the objects entering the editing and automatically saves the project. When the project is closed and opened again, editing can continue.
  • Spatial objects retrieved into the CAD environment with Start Editing do not appear on the screen until 'Finish Editing' operation is performed.
  • 'Start Editing' command comes passive for read-only spatial references (that are marked as read-only or have no primary key in its table).
  • Database records of the objects deleted from the CAD layer are deleted with 'Finish Editing' command.
  • Start/Finish operations of different references are completely different. They can be used independently.

Finish Editing


Finish Editing process transfers the CAD objects to the spatial table. These objects are not necessarily created with Start Editing.

  • Select from Screen: Used to select the CAD objects on the screen and to transfer them to the spatial table. For selecting objects on the screen, '...' button at the end of the line and object selection tools can be used. New GIS class is added for selected objects with no defined GIS class. Class information is updated in selecting objects with defined GIS class. Selected objects must be compatible with the table geometry (point, line, area).
  • Data Analysis: For objects with the same GIS key; as the process can be ignored for these objects, they can also be moved to a different layer.
  • Add All: GIS keys in the selected objects will be ignored and new GIS keys will be generated for all selected objects.

Also, with 'Continue Editing, Do Not Delete Objects' option, originals of the objects transferred to the spatial tables will not be deleted from the CAD layer. Options available in Finish Editing process are provided to facilitate the data integration.


'Start Editing' and 'Finish Editing' does not have to be consecutive operations; 'Finish Editing' can be directly used to import the existing CAD data into the spatial table.


Connection between CAD and Spatial


CAD objects have two attributes:


GIS Class

Indicates the table that the object belongs to. GIS Class should comply with spatial reference class. GIS Class is defined in properties. The default value is the name of the table.

Objects with no GIS Class cannot be linked.


It is the OBJECTID of the object establishing its connection with the database. Objects with blank GIS Key will be added to the table as new records.

Non-blank ones, if retrieved by Start Editing, will go back to their previous places.