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‘NETPRO/MINE’ is a Netcad geology solution which can implement all stages of underground mining and surface mining operations together and also which can manage geologic project processes integrated in two and three dimensional environments.

All stages of project designing of only geometric and lithologic inputs of drillings and 3D solid modeling of drills, geostatistical prediction, pit optimization, production planning, open quarry designing, underground gallery designing etc. can be actualized compatible with regulations. 

Two Dimensional (2D) and Three Dimensional (3D) Instantaneous Dynamic Integration

Project management with NETPRO/MINE 3 has a structure which is capable of operating in dynamic and synchronized conditions under 2D and 3D environments.

 Project management under 2D and 3D environments are realized by means of ribbon menus. In this manner, the projects are more easily managed and realized on project plains with two or three dimensions.


Capability to Display Distribution of Ore Grade on Each Drilling

With NETPRO/MINE 3, it is possible to display attribute information belonging to the ore on the drilling with a dimensioned and schematized cylindrical structure.

The dimensions of the created cylinders are automatically adjusted directly proportional with the grade distribution of the ore and they are schematized by means of colors at the legend.

By means of displaying the distribution of the grade on the drilling in this structure, it makes interpretations related to the regions where mineralization with high grade values are concentrated more meaningful.


Taking of Automatic Cross Sections 

Cross sections are automatically created by means of NETPRO/MINE 3 on the selected drillings from the graphical screen according to the definitions of lithology, ore or vein definitions.

The user will be capable of defining coordinate levels (top, intermediate, bottom or lower most), bottom extensions and softening degrees of cross section lines of lithology, ore or veins on the cross sections which will be created by means of automatic cross sections.

Following the automatic cross section process, it is possible to create more realistic modelling by using the pattern modelling method by selecting the creation of interactive solid models option.


Alternative Ore / Lithology or Vein Modeling Method: "Shell Model"

With NETPRO/MINE 3, the “Shell Model” has been developed as an alternative to the tetrahedron method which is used in modelling of ore, lithology or veins.

By using the shell method, it is possible to create more realistic solid models between surfaces and cross sections which do not have similarities and it is also possible to calculate the volumes of the solid models with better results.


Creation of Solid Models According To Attribute Values over Block Models 

By using NETPRO/MINE 3, it is possible to create solid models according to the attribute information to given to the blocks by employing geostatistical estimation methods.

It is possible to instantaneously create on the graphical display the solid model with an appropriate structure according to the filter which will be defined to the attribute value. It is also possible to include the vein volume compliant with the defined filter to the project and receive a lot of reports from it.

The solid model which will be created according to the attribute information, will be using the “Shell Model as a model. Thus, it is possible to get more realistic volume results.


Generation of Isopach (Co Thickness) Maps 

Isopach (co thickness) maps display real thickness changes of ore and lithology. These maps which are preferred especially for bedding type of mineralization, present great importance for underground mining.

Isopach maps which are created with NETPRO/MINE 3 at three dimension interface, are thematically displayed with different colors according to the thickness variations of the ore and they are separated from each other with their equivalent surfaces which represent each interval.

In order to enable the user’s intervention to the intervals owned by the Isopach maps which express the thickness changes of the ore, legend slots are preferred.


Creation of Grade Change Maps over the Block Model 

Following the predicting process by means of using geostatistical estimation methods over the block model with NETPRO/MINE 3, it is possible to create maps which will express attribute distribution of the ore.

Ore attribute change maps are very important in determining change regions which are suitable for the selected attribute. For example, it enables monitoring of the concentration of zones of mineralization at high grade value range on a two dimensional plane.

Attribute change maps execute maximum, minimum or average value calculations on block overlapping blocks and schematized the change among the selected colors. In addition, different change maps can be prepared by applying mathematical operations on the attribute values. Equivalent curve option should be preferred in order to apply user defined interventions on surfaces with equivalent value range. 


Capability to Make Multi Cross Sections 

It is possible to make multi cross sections with NETPRO/MINE 3 along a predetermined cross section line or at different axis (x, y, z).

Route of the cross section may be determined by drawing on the screen or by making different direction selections. The user will be capable of determining the range of the drawn or selected cross section line, right and left effective distances of the cross section, beginning and ending kilometers of the cross section and it is possible to make multiple cross sections on project elements (solid model, block, mine gallery, etc.) which are complaint with the selected variables.


Optimization of Open Mine 

In order to optimize an open mine by using NETPRO/MINE 3, cost elements such as ore production costs, costs of transportation for transporting the ore to the facility or the market, cost of decoupage, transportation cost of the waste to the waste site, costs of marketing, process costs, and general administration expenses, together with sales value of the ore are included to each block of the block model of the ore and thus optimum mine limits are determined.


Capability to Include Multi Faults to the Projects All At Once 

With NETPRO/MINE 3, it is possible to transfer all of the faults to the projects all at once.

The readymade file template which will be used for transferring more than one fault information to the project is provided. It is possible to integrate more than one fault at the same time with the project by means of preparing the fault information with this template structure and then making the project read them.

Multiply transferred faults will be used to form realistic surfaces by being taken into consideration during generation of topography, lithology, ore or vein surfaces.


Thematic Display of the Ore, Lithology, Vein Surfaces and the Topography 

By using NETPRO/MINE 3, thematic maps can be prepared, which will express height changes over topography, ore, lithology or vein surfaces.

By means of intervening with the equivalent height slots belonging to the surface visualization which had been prepared, it will be possible to manage the surface with the desired range value on the screen.


User Defined Inclusion of Gallery Profiles 

New profile types can readily be included in the profile types’ library which is used for designing of underground mine galleries by using NETPRO/MINE 3.

The new profile which had been included in the gallery profile type library by means of previewing the gallery characteristics which will be designed. Gallery volume information which will be designed according to the new profile, will be automatically calculated according to the length of the gallery.


Drill Data is Managed with GIS Base in Three Dimensional Environment; All Analysis and Log Reports Related to Drills are Automatically Created

All geometric and lithologic data about drills are transferred to NETPRO/MINE’s three dimensional environment with database connection in a single process.

Through all regulation compatible symbol, lithology and scanning libraries in NETPRO/MINE, log reports of a single drill or all drills can be obtain with a single process.

Drills can ba managed with themes of depth, angle, drilling core etc. in three dimensional environment, can be evaluated with all attributes.

All analysis needed for geostatistical prediction can be actualized with a single process, for a single drill or all drills.

Three Dimensional Solid Models can be Created with Surfaces and Cross Sectioning; Solid Models can be Constructed with Desired Block Size, Angle and Lower Block Count

Ores can be three dimensional modelled in Shell Model or Tetrahedron consturction. Creating solid models from surfaces or creating solid models from cross sections methods can be used in three dimensional solid modelling process.

In order to create solid model from surfaces, choosing of core and specifying starting rule for creating surface is enough; all soffit and upside can be converted into solid models considering all drills. In order to create solid models from cross sections, choosing drills and core where cross section will be created, is enough; cross sections will be automatically created according to given displacement value.

All faultline types can be added to created surfaces.

Created solid models are blocked in a single process, according to designated block angles, dimensions and intended block count. Result reports related to blocks can be evaluated with a single process, data about percentage blocked of solid model etc. can be attained.

Estimation with Geostatistical Methods can be Actualized

Composite specifications in intended attributes for geostatistical estimation is practicable and post composition variograms can be created.

For prediction,”'Nearest Neighbor”, Reverse Distance, 'Criging', 'Cocriging', “Double value Criging”methods can be used.

Solid model blocked after geostatistical prediction is thematically modelled in three dimensional environment according to selected attribute. Thus, for instance production plan for location of the blocks with highest calorie value on the ore etc. can be accessed. Outputs like Block Report, Tenor Tonnage Report are automatically evaluated.

‘Open Quarry Projects’ are Conceptualized in Three Dimensional Environment; Detonating Designs and EIA Reports are Actualized with Full-Compatible to Regulations

Bench and Slope specifications for ‘Open Quarry Projects’, calculations for Floor/ceiling surfaces, muck designs, earthworks are created and reported dynamically in three dimensional environment.

Optimum blasting results can be decided, by simulating blast designs in alternative structures before the application. Blasting reports automaticly created as EIA

Access roads to quarry and road designs between quarry and muck are also actualized and reported in three dimensional environment with platform and slope specifications.

‘Underground Galleries’ are Designed in Three Dimensional Environment and Projected with All Requirements

‘Underground Gallery Designs’ can be created on three dimension modelled ore; real display of galleries are created in three dimensions with specifications in available gallery libraries. Fortifications, ventilation inputs, compression/resistance calculations are actualized via automatic interfaces.

All data about galleries are kept in database thus galleries can be thematically mapped and reported on desired features.

Created result projects can be viewed in three dimensional wire net; thus measurable 3D outputs can be created.



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