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NETPRO/MINE Release Notes

 3.0.0 GP1 / 19.07.2017

Compatible with Netcad 7 GP10, Netcad 7.6 GP5 and NETCAD / 3D + 3.0.0 GP1 version

  • Improved performance in volume calculation, block calculation, solid model creation and read project operations.
  • Netpro/Mine Opening project durations have been decreased.
  • Improvements have been made in output reports.
  • Improvements have been made in the profile selection process.
  • Improvements were made in drilling operations.
  • Improvements have been made in the process of "Add Installment to Gallery".
  • Improvements have been made in road construction processes.
  • Geoistatical analysis processes have been improved.
  • Netcad7 GP9 is compatible with Netcad 7.6 GP3 and NETCAD/3D+ 3.0.0.
  • You may access the product portal address here

Compatible with Netcad7 GP6, Netcad 7.6 and 3D + (GP9).

  • It is now possible to use different exaggeration coefficients specific to each drilling group. It is provided that different exaggeration coefficients can be used for each drilling group.
  • Improvements were made in shell modeling.
  • Improvements were made in transferring angled drillings to the Netcad screen
  • Improvements were made on open quarry labels.
  • Enhancement in Camera Lights related settings.
  • Edge Boundaries Improved, automatically creating intersection boundaries.
    with Netcad 7.6;
  • Ribbon menus, windows and settings are fully integrated with Netcad.
  • Netpro/Mine general settings and options have been added to the Netcad general settings menu.
  • The drilling data controls have been added to the Read Window.
  • Improvements were made in the gallery processes.
  • It is ensured that the thickness of the drilling displays can be determined according to the grade value.
  • Equal Thickness Curve feature was added to create the Izopak Maps.
  • Fault attributes can now be read from excel files.
  • Tenor Based 3D Display allows analysis values of drills to be displayed in a certain diameter and thematic.
  • Multicolumn feature allows the display of cross sections in different parameters in batches.
  • Improvements were made in project management processes by adding quality and performance selections with Make Image Settings with Presettings.
  • Improvements have been made to project management processes with the Make Tags Visible feature.
  • With the Profile Select feature, free gallery designs have been added to the gallery library.
  • The 3D screen now has the feature of adding free text.
  • Improvements were made in Solid Model Combination.

Compatible with NETCAD and 3D + (GP9).

  • 'Shell Method' is added as an alternative for creating solid model from cross sections; it is now possible to model three-dimensional solid models formed from cross-sections in different planes in the nearest real structure.
  • Improvements have been made in the reading of the drilling data.
  • Improvements were made to the block reading process.
  • It is provided to record the sections added to the path created by the add path operation.
  • The automatic recording of the environmental impact assessment result is provided.
  • Gallery curve addition operation has become editable.

Compatible with NETCAD and 3D+

  • Drilling Filter capabilities are enhanced.
  • Added 'Shell Solid Modeling' ability; enabling the modeling of difficult seam surfaces and the production of large volume solid models with higher performance.
  • 'Crop-Slice' feature is added; It allows the three-dimensional sections to be delimited in a planar way.
  • 'Statistical Analyzes' and 'Histogram Graphs' are also available on the block.



Fully compatible with Netcad (GP17) and 3D+ 2.0.1(GP7).

  • Russian interfaces are fixed
  • Various enhancements and error corrections are made.

Fully compatible with Netcad (GP16) and 3D+ 2.0.1(GP6).

  • Various enhancements and error corrections are made.

Fully compatible with Netcad (GP15) and 3D+ 2.0.1(GP5).

  • Various enhancements and error corrections are made.

Fully compatible with Netcad (GP14) and 3D+ 2.0.1(GP4). 

  • Various enhancements and error corrections are made.
 2.0.0(GP2) /29.11.2013

Compatible with Netcad (GP13) version  

  • Various enhancements and error corrections are made.
 2.0.0(GP1) /22.10.2013

Compatible with Netcad (GP11) version 

  • The drill shape column has been removed from the read operation.
  • Autofilling of matching columns is provided for read operations.
  • Enhancements were made in open quarry.
 2.0.0 /05.07.2013

Compatible with Netcad (GP7) version

  • Undo Manager has been added to undo operations performed in Netpro/Mine.
  • The cross-sectional modeling process has been added to the process of creating a layered model from the user's cross-section.
  • Within the scope of environmental impact assessment, a dust modeling structure is added.
  • In the data catalog, a grouping structure is added to cross-sectional objects.
  • A cross-section assistant structure is added to automatically create cross-sections from the selected boreholes.
  • A structure has been added where more than one quarry can be created together.
  • The grouping of cross-sections by selecting from the screen, the ability to write and read these out is added.
  • Added option to write out and read out for Solid Model.
  • Improvements were made to the block structure and block read operations are now organized and accelerated.
  • Added the option of writing and reading out for quarry designs.
  • In Netpro/Mine, a structure has been added that allows objects to be updated, edited, rewritten, and transferred to Netcad.
  • The option to create a gap between the ramps rather than one after the other (buffer area) is added.
  • NetPro/Mine screen to be output in scale, the option to edit the scale is added.
  • A selection option has been added to allow the screen to create a grid based on the current corner coordinates of the screen.
  • All/whole option was added to group selection in drilling statistics.
  • With the create gallery process\ it is now possible to select lines other than polylines.
  • Excavation-fill volume and curve information are also included in the Road Report.
  • Added limit finding for each drill.
  • In defining the seam definitions, the end point can be made right in front of the point selection.
  • According to the seam definitions, the statistical calculations are added.
  • Added a command that calculates the amount of splitting fill for paths.
  • Ready made STRs with MicroMine are now available.
  • Move down-up icons in the open quarry lines and the usage is converted to the structure in Netcad/Reference Manager.
  • Addition of the quarry line is also added to read multiple layers.
  • The open quarry slope top and slope bottom limit elevation calculator is now able to produce accurate results when reaching the ceiling surface.
  • In the open quarries, two transition identifications are added in the automatic step creation process.
  • The contents of the volume reports received in the open quarry are detailed and options are added for reporting according to the different elevations.
  • The raw sample and lithology records can now also read and write the CSV back in order when it is out of order.
  • When the section is taken, the lithology information of the drillings can now be synchronized to netcad.
  • It is changed to give a warning message instead of preventing the transmission of very far drillings very close to each other.
  • The experimental variogram points formed in the variogram are merged with the line to make it more understandable.
  • Synchronization option is added to Netcad for multiple layers by making multiple selections.
  • Improved performance in loading of open quarries.
  • Solid model features added to the window "Average Z Width". 
  • Project layers are now used to activate the esc command in chech box operations used in open-close.
  • The surfaces is rendered point-based, giving a visual change in color according to height.
  • Required parameters for blasting calculations are distinguished from other parameters.
  • The filtering of blocks entering the solid model is accelerated.
  • The name of the operator Filter Blocks has been changed to Restrict Blocks.
  • Weighted average added to filter options.
  • The fan addition windows have been updated and Air Gate Types have been added.
  • When designing the road, it is now also possible to see the slope value of the road.
  • Editing has been prevented from being selected more than once and the selection of other objects has been blocked while the object to be edited is being edited.
  • It now shows an arrow to indicate the direction to be taken while adding a point through the coordinate calculator.
  • The status of the drilling groups to be On or Off; is now taken into account when performing operations such as surface and composite
  • Seam Records has been added under Drillings Right-click Reports.
  • The process of creating the copy used on blocks and surfaces is done in cross-sections.
  • Blocks thematic features on the Netpromine screen have been added to Netcad synchronously.
  • The variograms are accelerated so that they can no longer lag while the project is open and the variograms can now be named.
  • For the drillings, the seam group to be displayed on the screen can be selected, and the "Seam Display" command is added.
  • Blocks in the Netpro/Mine screen can be transferred to the Netcad screen in block form instead of dots, and block information (block number, grade, x, y, z value, etc.) is now in printable user defined form.
  • The name of the quarry line is now displayed thicker slope top and slope bottom lines.
  • A new limitation feature is added to limit the solid model according to a limit, a solid model or polyline on XZ plane.
  • On the basis of quarry steps, blocking has been added.
  • A checkbox has been added to the attribute surfaces to create their weighted average values.
  • The information message is removed when the drill is not picked.
  • Underground Mining Toolbar has been removed.
  • The requirement to select project type in project properties is removed.
  • Navigation Options are removed from Toolbars and moved to Tools. /03.04.2012

Compatible with Netcad (Release 12)

  • Calculation changed for serial and parallel connection in fan air quantity operation. /20.03.2012

Compatible with Netcad (Release 12)

  • Revised to speed up file compression.
  • Added a command that calculates the amount of splitting fill for paths.
  • A tab is opened to determined Minimum and Maximum Seam Thickness in Project Properties Seam Records Window.
  • When adding installation and transport in gallery, "select 2 points on the command line after gallery selection" is written. This message has been removed because there are no 2 points to select. /15.09.2011

Compatible with Netcad (Release 12)

  • Ellipse and circle operations are added between draw operations.
  • Filters has been added to composites (extraction of short specimens, filtering of composites falling into a solid model, use of low or high data of a specific elevation or X, Y, filtering according to the given attribute value).
  • A tip window for drillings and galleries is added (in Options on the Tools menu).
  • Added solid modeling between open quarries/elevations.
  • Variogram reporting added.
  • The seam surfaces can now also be formed according to drilling groups.
  • Scattering Diagram Drawing is added from actual data and cross-validation results.
  • Automatic quarry creation is removed.
  • The styles of the surface of the quarries created in the overground mining could be changed but could not be saved and styles are now removed. /09.08.2011

Compatible with Netcad (Release 11)

  • Multiple gallery selection for installations
  • Imports and Exports of Galleries Created in Different Platforms
  • Block style field boundaries are displayed turned on by default
  • Tensile Tonnage Curve Report is taken inside Netpro/Mine, not in Excel.
  • Exaggeration coefficients given to galleries.
  • Can not Edit Links from Gallery Features
  • The name of Post-Simulation Operations (Kriging) should be changed to Binary Value Post-Kriging Operations
  • Limit Value Kriging > Binary Value must be changed to Kriging
  • Grouping underground design
  • Displaying in 3d and gallery forms according to gallery groups
  • Deduction and refund definitions in the progress report
  • Making curves at the junction of the galleries with touching end points (such as the closed ring)
  • Ventilation operations (Group information will be added to Galleries.)
  • You can show the square both in two dimensions and in three dimensions
  • Composite values should be selected using Sequential Normal Simulation, Use Conditional Value
  • When creating a composite, the option "take out non-valuable composites" should be added.
  • To tell the user the biggest radius to apply when curve radius is big
  • Added select gallery feature
  • Installation report shall be created
  • Adding the starting point of drilling to variogram and kriging
  • Dynamic change of the final position values of the installations whose distance from the gallery is changed by using the Slide process
  • Transferring cross-section drawings by cropping to netcad
  • Constructing a Rigid Model According to the Restricted Surface
  • Raw sample values reflected on drill labels
  • Limiting the drawn line to an object
  • When the drilling records printing is complete, information message
  • Determination of ventilation air flow direction
  • The size of the project MDB file increases as data is added and deleted. This needs to be shrinked.
  • Added a Show Tip option.
  • The slope unit should be determined by the length measurement.
  • Use of ventilation data on label data at boot
  • Open quarry lines/right key/simplify command is required.
  • Transfer of cooker lines to Netcad in bulk
  • Editing more than 65000 block report warning message
  • Giving rename feature to Krigings
  • Added a fan icon
  • Variogram, Histogram and simple statistics can be calculated for estimation and simulation results
  • Point capture Add X, Y, Z features to the Mod toolbar.
  • The surface boundary should be accelerated. /04.03.2011

Compatible with Netcad 5.2 GIS.  

  • For drillings, an option is added to the tables that are transferred to the database to provide updates for new tables or features.
  • The data source for the log report display type settings has been increased.
  • The regulations made in the drilling log reports are customized with that drilling.
  • Multiple log reports supported.
  • Drilling log scaling has been carried out.
  • Read STR is available for multiple files.
  • An option to select the boundary is also added to the 7 command lines that make up the surface of the seams, which would allow us to extrapolate.
  • Add and subtract short value samples to the composites.
  • The use of composites within the specified min and max values is supported when the variogram is calculated.
  • When creating open quarry slope top, the default height value is now automatically provided.
  • Kriging is translated into Turkish as Krigleme.
  • Kriging in the database of the krig data generated under the Kriging layer is supported.
  • Post-simulation and pre-simulation operations can now be added to the simulations.
  • Added grain-size calculation to explosions.
  • Blast load was taken to check.
  • The angle between the two lines has to be calculated.
  • Each gallery that was created is provided with a volume query.
  • The galleries are provided with spring name editing.
  • The opening of the information entry form is now supported when the gallery drawing is terminated.
  • Changes are made to Gallery operations and the interface.
  • The flight process is done in the gallery.
  • Point list read and write from file is now supported.
  • The general inclination of the bed can be calculated.
  • Project No is removed
  • =< and => added to the drill filtering operations.
  • 3D drilling and querying of the screen was not working correctly, it is fixed.
  • Only the letter "ı" was not supported as a Turkish character in drilling names, it is now corrected.
  • When we tried to delete the cross-section lines created by the cross-section, the whole cross-section was being deleted and it is corrected.
  • The themes of the filtered blocks were lost, it is corrected.
  • Angle records list report has been edited.
  • The omni-directional model did not appear on the variogram, it is corrected.
  • The headings were repeated in the surface forming operations forms, it is now edited.When the open quarry/bevel bottom-top is being created, if the base and/or ceiling surface consists of a large number of triangles, occasionally they would be caught, the process could last for minutes-hours, it is now corrected.
  • Sampling records could not be read, it is now fixed.
  • If there was no base charge, the metric values would be zero, it is now fixed.
  • Metric information is displayed as zero in the Blast all compare report
  • It was calculating the negative values calculated by the Ash approach and it is now corrected.
  • The ramp start point was not formed by down-in, and it is corrected.
  • Block acceptance percentage - operators are edited.
  • The surface (SAM) was not formed according to a given limit, it is corrected.
  • When the project was first loaded, the drillings were wasting time, it is corrected.
  • Raw Sampling Records List edited /24.01.2011

Compatible with Netcad 5.1.

  • For drillings, an option is added to the tables that are transferred to the database to provide updates for new tables or features.
  • Variograms are calculated to use composites within the specified min and max values. /04.01.2011

Compatible with Netcad 5.1.

  • The case, operated and filled distances are added to the galleries. 
  • A report was prepared for underground design (1st In the right-click menu of each gallery, gallery details, fan, air door report that is created with 3 excel worksheets that include their own features, Gallery list report is added under 2nd Galleries. This report brings the details of the galleries that are checked).
  • It is added that a working area could be given while creating surfaces according to the ore boundaries. (An area outside the surface boundaries can be cut using the cut surface process, that is, the surface can be created and zoomed).
  • "Display all drillings during progression in sections" is added (Layers are added in sections operation. Thus, for example, if there are drillings and surfaces in 3D and only drillings are marked in the layers, the section is not taken in the surface but in the drillings, and the section surface is not cut and the drillings are displayed in 3D).
  • Transfer to Netcad ("Transfer to Netcad" command is added to the right-click menu of data catalog 3D layers which transfer the layer content to Netcad + A command to transfer by selecting from 3D screen is added to Tools menu). Currently supported types are: Point, line, polyline, surface (triangle) Block model is transferred as point (center point)
  • Point of view after sectioning (after sectioning, angle of view changes to Z/X plane, section is displayed from the opposite side. This requires double-clicking right after the section line).
  • The variogram and the kriging feature have been changed to the attribute. /11.11.2010

Compatible with Netcad 5.1.

  • The gallery is created with angle and distance.
  • The galleries can now be created using angle and distance using the coordinate calculator and connection paths are created by giving angle and distance values from the connection paths form. Enhancements are made in ash approach, explosive-rock general forms.
    • 1st Explosive types cells have been expanded to show density values.
    • 2nd Cellular user intervention in this form of coefficient has been blocked.