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NETPRO is the Netcad module that facilitates preparation of projects such as land studies, motorways, urban passes, railways, airports, harbors, dams, lining and road renewals, tunnels, underpasses, open mining, residential area planning and excavation with all stages.

Automatic curve radius and cant application can be made in AASHTO and TCK standards.

Proper horizontal route determination in AASHTO and TCK standards, automatic curve radius assignment and automatic cant application can be made with improved 'Route Editor'. Horizontal and vertical alignment controls can be made in AASHTO parameters.


Cross-sections can be taken over land model and many other data.

Besides the land model, drawing points can be read from points, lines, and other vector object types and raster data containing height.


3-D Cross-section based automatic vertical route can be defined.

Ability to make three-dimensional cross-section based automatic vertical route definition as well as classical vertical route definition and parabolic and circular vertical curves can be applied on this route.


All types of cross-sections you need can be designed with type section editor.

All required cross-sections can be defined by using free point definitions as well as the basic design tools such as horizontal-vertical distance, slope, angle. Sections such as roads, channels, dams and tunnels can be easily defined with both the design tools of type section editor and "Screen Object Capture" feature.


All sections generated can be viewed in desired parameters with Visual Cross-section Viewer.

Sections generated from the model and sections defined by type section editor can be easily observed with visual cross section viewer.


All detailed section operations can be defined in a single editor with Section Editor.

Detailed section operations such as stripping excavation, interception ditch, heel ditch can be automatically made and reports on these sections can be taken with Section Editor.


Volume calculation can be made over two or more sections.

Areas between two sections or more than two sections can be easily calculated with volume calculation wizard feature. Volume calculation can be made by transferring multiple areas in one km range into different columns.


Automatic bruckner balancing and drawing can be made and reports can be obtained.

Planning of all earthwork operations can be carried out with automatic brucker balancing. Metering table for excavation and paid transport and reports like bruckner summary can be obtained.



Many metering information can be quickly obtained with automatic metering.

Metering information and listings of structures such as ditches, walls, rigging, artworks, fortifications, sidings and expropriation stones and traffic signs can be easily obtained.


Cross-section printouts as per TCK standards can be obtained.

Cross-section drawings as per TCK standards can be executed. Values such as volume, slope, stake, elevation and distance to the axis can be placed automatically on these cross-sections.


Small artworks can be automatically applied and metering reports can be obtained.

Small artworks such as box culverts, agricultural underpasses can be placed automatically on the cross-section, plan and profile and reports on artworks can be easily taken.


Plan drawing, profile drawing and mapping operations with slope and elevation can be executed automatically.

Plan drawing and profile drawing with slope and elevation can be executed as per TCK standards and many values can be changed as user-defined. The plan and profile generated can be automatically mapped.


Junction design can be easily carried out with tools for the purpose.

Elevation conveyance operations at junction branches, automatic profile drawing operations and junction designs can be made.


TIN model of completed road can be produced and integrated into the existing model.

TIN model of the road with design process complete can be produced and this model may be added to the existing land model to obtain the final model.


Plan, profile, section and 3-D view can be displayed simultaneously and changes made on the plan or the profile can be automatically applied to all other files.

With synchronized view feature, plans, profiles, sections and 3-D view can be displayed simultaneously on the screen and it can be ensured that changes made on the plan are automatically processed in profile, section and 3-D file.

  • Municipalities
  • Provincial Administrations
  • Public Institutions
  • Universities
  • Engineering Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Architecture Companies



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