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“NETCAD/ 3D+” is a module that enables 3d presentations, creating object details. It also enables to 3d modeling of different scaled Netcad projects such as, city and terrain models, zoning and layout, landscaping, architecture and road

The transfer of projects to 3D+ and dynamic 2D-3D interaction

All the data on any scale and projects that have been prepared with all the modules of Netcad can easily transfered to three dimentions,

Chosen layers or the entire Project layers are transfered to 3D+ in a single procedure preserving all the attributes.

The changes done in the Project can be transfered to 3D+ automaticly with out the need of creating an extra file in between.


Improved Project/Data management in 3D enviroment

3D support of all the data and projects in the structure of GIS and CAD

Point, line, area, and raster terrain model support,

Ready 3D symbol and scanning librabry

Length, area, angle questioning of the objects transfered to 3D screen can be done at any detail

3D ortamda yakalama modları kullanılarak obje sorgulama,

Layer attributes can be defined in the 3D enviroment for the data transfered. Doing so enables to manage details of the Project in 3D enviroment.

Transparency can be defined on the surface of 3D objects

Project raster data (satellite images, aerial photographs, supports raster maps with different scales) is covered on 3D terrain model automaticly when need be.

It is possible to cover tissue on desired layer and to cover one layer with more then one tissue.

Scaling Ability in 3D Environment

The scale of the model created in 3D environment can be created with the grid and coordinate measuring facility is provided.

Visualization and Simulation in 3D Environment

Visualization of the model from the desired angle and direction.

Perspective and orthogonal views possibility,

The ability to watch visuals at a few Windows from different angles and different presentation on each Windows. (regular, stereo, clipped, different color settings),

With visual recognition ability, enables to reach to the visual model instantly.

Screen images of the created data can be saved in different image files.

More realistic visualisation with rendering.

Shading, fog, cameras, sky and light effects,

Stereo visualisation possibilty and with the support of stereo projection the ability to mare real 3D presentation.

Ability to create tool and aircraft simulation

Simulations can be saved as avi files.


Technical Videos

NETCAD | 3D+ modülü ile 3 boyut bilgisi bulunan proje verilerinin 3D ortamına aktarımı, 3 boyutlu sembol ve drape işlemleri, karelaj, video kaydetme ve ölçülendirme gibi işlem adımlarının nasıl yapıldığını gösteren teknik videoları buradan izleyebilirsiniz.

Netcad Knowledge Sharing Platform

The knowledge sharing platform where Netcad technical experts give 7/24 technical support service, over 50,000  members  ask questions at any moment.  

If you are not a membernow is a great time to be a member.


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