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Success Stories - Azerbaijan Real Estate Registration, Cadastre and Management System (RERCMS)

”Azerbaijan Real Estate Registry and Cadastre Management System” (RERCMS) project has started at the date of March 14, 2012 as signed between World Bank and Azerbaijan Government.

Project Objectives

  • To build a reliable and effective real estate register system
  • To track and control both private and public real estate effectively through a unique system run by modern technologies.
  • To integrate with other Public Institutions.

Works Performed

Project management documents have been prepared.

  • Project Plan
  • Project Management Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Assessment Reports
  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Verification & Validation Plan
  • Current situation has been analyzed.
    • Certain problems have been observed in geometry as well as lack of data while binding database.
      • A unique system is developed to bind the complicated geographical data with verbal data.
    • It is observed that the data of real estate, document archive and the vectorial have been managed by different databases.
      • All the current geographical data acquired from local offices have been pooled in a unique center. Data updating trainings were given to the staff from 18 offices..
  • Analysis report is prepared and presented.
  • Data migration process has been realized.
    • A unique system is developed to gather all the geographical and verbal data acquired from local offices.
    • All the data is updated in new system by local offices throughout the project.
    • All the data acquired from current programs and field is being updated in that unique system.
    • At the end of the project, final migration will be realized.
    • Through that system, hereafter all the data acquired from field will be recorded orderly.


  • Design and software development process have been realized.
    • Design document is prepared for forming the real estate registry and public property management processes and to improve the public services as based on today’s technology.
    • Design process is completed based on Interoperability, Security, Openness, Flexibility, Scalability and IT architecture principles.
    • In development period, JIRA, WIKI and Google Drive applications are used for interoperability  of committee and quality control firm.
    • That applications are controlled by only the authorized individuals from quality control and committee.


  • User test and pilot applications have been realized.
    • User test process has started in beta environment.

    • Through final migration process, real data is transferred from migration system to the beta environment. All the tests are carried based on that data.

    • An environment is created and regulated on JIRA to manage user test results according to the demands of committee.

    • Through that environment, users could conduct their demands in a standardized way to the authorities.

    • That demands are conducted and the users are informed rapidly.

The Institutions Profit by that System

  1. Public Land and Cadastre Committee
  2. Ministry of Affairs
  3. Register Office
  4. Other Ministries and Central Institutions
  5. Private People
  6. Ministry of Taxes
  7. Ministry of Justice
  8. Legal Entity Registry
  9. Other Corporations
  10. Municipalities
  11. Agencies of Property
  12. Banks
  13. Insurance Firms