Arazi Modelleme Araçları

“Terrain Modeling” is a Netcad module that creates terrain models from given landspace data. It makes calculations on these models. Meets the needs of basic  triangulation and curve fitting. It can be choosen fort he situations which doesnt have a NETSURF module and those situations that doesnt require other NETSURF abilities

Provides the ability to create a digital terrain model

It can create numeric terrain model (triangle model) with various interpolation using the point data which has height value taken from the field by GPS, Totalstation etc. Measurment devices.

Automatically reads the minimum and maximum values in the project creating digital terrain elevation model, it is possible to create numeric terrain models between the desired height values and enter the parameters of longest and shortest sides of the triangle model asked to create.

It can use the existing data in the field elevation values as input to create terrain models, by doing so it can create numeric terrain models realisticly.

Using created triangles, the defect elevations can be spotted and they are automaticly fixed.

It does the procedures of triangle spinning on the created triangle modes and makes it lean to the details.

It can densificate point on the triangle pattern

Curved (contour, co-potential curve) allows the realization of the process

Automatically creates a contour in the desired range via the digital terrain model.

Elevation contours of established values can be printed on a designated line on a desired period.

The total area of the curve passing an elevation can be calculated, so that a lake or dam site area specified.

Other curves passing through details like splay, building, road can be erased automatically or manually.


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