GIS Network Analysis Application

“NETWORK ANALYSIS” is a Netcad module that allows to make analysis and solve any kind of grid such as road, water, electricity

NETWORK ANALYSIS uses the existing locational data to create grid.On the locational data, the elements will create the grid, criteria of the connection of these elements, validity rules are defined. With these definations a grid model is created.

Transport network analysis

Shortest (available) road(short path) analys, finds the shortest (available)f rom a point to another point on the transport network. The reason for calling it available is this; sometimes instead of the shortest road, fastest road or the cheapest road is needed. “Available” term can be taken from the user with Network Analysis.

Multi points routing (travelling salesman problem) analysis; on a transportation network, finds the shortest (available) route that visits whole the points that is given.

Electricity/Water grid analysis

Response/Fed on Analys finds the pipes that would not get water when a pipe damage takes place in a water grid. In an electric grid, finds the lines that is fed on from a power distribution unit.

Sustaining Analys; finds  the lines feeding the elements, going from the element to the grid.

Out of reach; finds the elements which are not feding from any source, in a grid.


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