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Additional Query Criteria

"Additional Query Criteria" is the filter criteria that are automatically added to the query when the sql queries are created for the object that it defines. It is managed from the Extra Criteria section that appears when an object is selected on the Object List screen. 

Additional Query Criteria Description

To define additional query criteria

  • The new criterion addition process is performed from the Object List -> Extra Criteria screen. An additional query criterion is selected as the criterion type.
  • Click the Add button.


  • The additional query criterion is added to the list. Click on the Criteria field on the screen to enter the criterion detail.
  • The additional query criteria input tab opens. This tab contains a screen where you can enter additional query criteria as XML.


  • The criterion section can be assigned a simple and advanced (xml) criterion definition.
  • For simple use, the sql query can be used. In simple queries, the column names to be used in the expression must be in the format {T@Tablo.KolonAdı}.
  • For advanced use, OgcCriteriaXML should be used. PropertyName on CriteriaXML should be typed in Table.column. Literal value can be specified as DTS: Table.ColumnAdi if it is a different tablature column. An additional query criteria must be written in this field to be used for all queries of the object. 
    • See the General Variables page for all available variables.