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Base GUI Action


This action can be used for menu definition and display editors. It allows to access base applications within menu operations. 


Defining the BASE GUI Action

  1. From Menu Operations( editing/adding new menus)
  2. Select action type as Base GUI :

  3. The properties of Base GUI action:
    1. Target: determines the action to be performed when the menu link is clicked.
      1. Open in new tab
      2. Open in new page etc.
    2. Netcad Base Application:
      1. ParameterServer adds the parameter server homepage to the menu.
      2. AuthorizationServer adds the homepage of the authorization server to the menu.
      3. LogServer adds the log server homepage to the menu.
      4. Netgis server adds the netgis server homepage to the menu.
  4. When the Save button is clicked, the menu providing access to any of the Base applications would be defined.