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 Data Fields (Column List)


Netigma allows you to quickly edit existing data fields and create new ones. Column List is one of the interface that you can edit/create data fields. This page first describes the column list screen and provides short description abut the properties of the data fields.
Data Fields

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Data Field Properties


Here you define display, query and form editor properties for the selected data field. For detiled information how to define editorsd see Data Field Ediors.


Here you select a module from your module list. For detailed information see Module.


Data Type

Sets the data type of the column. (Autonumber, time, datetime,int32 etc.)

Display Name 

The name of the column to be displayed in the tags on the form, query, and query result pages.


 If this is not selected, the column becomes passive. Passive columns are not displayed on Form and Query pages.


 The unique name of the column (primary key). 

Show in Column Select Control 

It allows the column to be displayed in the "Select Column" operation on the query page.


Display Format 

Refers to the format pattern of the display of the column value. For example, a field in the date type can be formatted as dd: MM: yyyy HH: mm, and a numeric field as ###. ## 0,00.

Summary Type of the Grid 

According to the selected value, the sum, average, maximum and minimum values of the values of the column under the grid in which the column, and the record values are displayed.

Statistical Query


  • Groupable: It allows the query to be grouped by this column. The column is displayed in the Statistics tab of the query page.
  • Aggregate Function Display Name : Sets the name of the aggregate function to be displayed in the grid and on the query page.
  • Aggregate Function : It is used to determine the type of the aggregate function. It can have one of the Avg. Min, Max, Sum, Count, DistinctCount and Custom values. 
  • Special Agregating Function : It allows the writing of custom sql aggregate functions outside the fixed set of functions.
	Ex : 100*{T@TABLE.aggregate_COLUMN1}/{T@TABLE.aggregate_COLUMN2}

Style Properties

  • Query Label Style : Sets the label style of the column in query pages. 
  • Form Label Style : Sets the label style of the column in form pages. 
  • Cell Style :   Sets the style of column in grid cells. 
  • Header Style :  Sets the style of column in grid title.