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HTML Reports


Html reports are used to design an object at run time. In this way, the report can be designed without recompiling and installation, and these reports can be presented to the user wherever it is needed.  

The report can be a related text or a page with multiple queries. The field expert will create a template with the Report Design Tool and drag and drop object columns into the appropriate areas of the template. Report Design Tool generates a template in HTML format, other HTML editor software or documents created in word processors such as MS Word can be easily transferred. 

To define an associated report with a selected object (table) in the Object List, click the button    in the Reports row.

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Report Properties

Name: The name of the report is written in this field 

Appear on the form: On the Information Card side, Reports are selected when requested to view the report under the heading. 

Display Name: The name of the report to be displayed on the screens is specified in this area. 

Installing Components: This feature is used if the report has specially designed components. The component is marked in the box if you want to see it. 



If authorization to import the defined report is required to be customized, the authorization feature is used. The role definition for the report authority is made from this area. 

In order to assign the defined authorities to the user, the Roles folder defined under the group and application to be authorized from the Authorization Server (ApplicationServerName/authentication) is selected. Mark the box next to the role you want to authorize, click the Save button. 

The roles thus defined are mapped to the user group. 


Add New Report

  1. The Add button on the form screen is clicked. The following small window opens.
  2. Report Name, Display Name information and click on Add button.
  3. Report properties are determined from the report page.
  4. Report fields are determined.
  5. Click the Save button on the report screen to complete the process.


Report Cloning

  1. Select an existing form and click on the Clone button.
  2. Enter the name of the new report created by the clone, Display Name information and click the Add button.
  3. After making necessary updates from report properties and report fields, click Save button to complete the process.


Delete Report

  1. The report to be deleted is selected.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. The deletion is confirmed.