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Information Card Link 


  • The Information Card type of action, opens the information form, with a button/link, etc., by clicking on it. 
  • It can be used in display editors.
  • It can also open the information form in batch update mode for selected records by selecting more than one record at the end of the query. 


Info Card 

It is the information form to be opened when it is clicked. The field of the object (eg, neighborhood) is determined by selecting one of the defined forms from the drop-down list.

Url Parameters  

Other parameters that should be added to the url (if any) that will open the information form are determined using this field. For example, if Options = 2 & History = 1 is entered in this field, these values will be added to the url of the page to be opened.


Sets the location of the link to be opened. There are 5 different choices.

  • Window: The link opens in a new browser window.
  • Modal: The link opens in a small window in the screen message view.
  • Tab: Link opens in a new tab.
  • Target: It opens in a new window on the screen.
  • Javascript: The target is defined by Javascript code.


Display View

Example: Info Card action, displayed in a link form in the query result list. End user click on this link; and the defined info card opens:


Example Info Card :(You can design your own info cards)


(warning) The Information Form action simplifies the process of opening the information form by defining parameters with web link process. Here, there is no need to use web link to open an info form unless there is a very specific need.