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NETGIS Server is Netcad Geographical Data Server. NETGIS Server is OGC certified*. It provides data based on OGC WMS, OGC WFS, OGC WFC, OGC WMTS standards. NETGIS Server also provides data according to dynamic KML (Google Earth) standard. It has Disconnected Editing and a Versioning support. Solutions are database independent. You can create a Web-based map presentation and query site.

*For complete version information please see Details

Themes Assisted New Design

NETGIS Server with renewed user interface offers theme support too. You can display geographic data in a wider area with the collapsible menu structure which is located at the left section.

Visualization On The Map With The Information Balloon

You can see the location on the map and visualize information such as door number, parcel, building and street by clicking the Show on the Map button in the query results or right clicking on the map.

Netigma Integration

NETGIS Server works in conjunction with the NETIGMA too. Together they form a complete application development platform. These applications usually can be developed without the support of software developers.

NETGIS Server is interoperable with other client software too.

Netgis Server API (SDK)

Adding map support to your web-based applications

Using these maps:

  • Thematic creating / viewing
    • Text-based search in all the layers or the desired layer
    • Search with geometry (points, lines, polygons) in all the layers or the desired layer
    • Navigation (zoom in, zoom out, scroll, etc.)
    • Capturing various events of the map object (zoom in, mouse click etc.)
    • Converting the projection of a given geometry
    • Getting the geometrical information of an object searched by various properties in a desired layer
  • Adding HTML (DOM) objects to the desired geographical locations, over the map objects

Heat Analysis

Heat analysis could be done on the basis of intended layer and coloumn.


Data Grouping

Various thematic maps could be developed through data grouping function, one of the newly added abilities.

Renewed Drawing Tools and Printing Options

You could make quick and easy editing on map and get printout through renewed drawing tools and printing options.

Surveying Tools

You could realize go to coordinate processes in different projection system on map as well as making survey of the point coordinate, length and area information.

Presents Wide Variety of Layer Support

  • Database Independent Spatial Layers
  • Raster Tiles Layers
  • 360 Panoramic Photo Layers
  • Google Maps, Yandex Map, Bing Map, Hear Map Layers
  • OGC Compliant Layers

Browser Independent Map Presentation With Powerful And Flexible Map Client

  • Full integration with the NETIGMA
    • Mapping of complex query
    • Click to Open Report
    • Thematic mapping
  • Full integration with Netcad Network Services
  • Full integration with Netcad 360 Services
  • Full integration with Netcad Time Explorer
  • Geographical and verbal data entry and editing over the web with Web Editor capabilities
  • Ability to work within the third party software
  • Presentation of very large databases on GE with dynamic KML data presentation to the Google Earth
  • Full integration with GLONET Virtual Globe
  • Capturing Point and Measurement Capabilities

Compatible Mobile Mapping with Android and iPhone

  • You can publish your maps on the iPhone or Android mobile devices.
  • The sample applications can be found with keywords like Netcad, Keos in the relevant markets.

Comply with the standards, OGC certified and compatible, Meets ISO Requirements

  • OGC WMS,
  • SFS

Meets ISO Geographical Data Requirements

  • ISO 19115 – Geographic Metadata
  • ISO 19119 – Geographic Metadata – Services
  • ISO 19139 – Geographic Metadata – Dataset

Database independent

  • Database Management System is independent. Geometrical and verbal data can be transferred between different DBMS's without and loss.
  • Netcad Platform is used to prepare Workspace, workspace becomes ready with a single key.

You Can Present Your Data On The Google Earth

  • No matter how big your data, you can present it on the Google Earth or Glonet with 3D option.
  • Data will be changed dynamically.
  • Your thematic maps and style information will be valid.

Versioning Can Be Done

  • Disconnected Editing, Long Transaction and Versioning capabilities can be used with the enterprise option. With this option, users in the different geographical locations can be update desktop GIS software and central data simultaneously, erase them or add new data. Any changes that made are versioned, backed up and guaranteed the security of this data. In this way, many users can work on the data in the center with the enterprise services even if they are on the different network from the center. Enterprise also includes clients for ArcGIS and Netcad.

Works With Other GIS Software Too

  • With the Enterprise Option, ArcGIS and/or Netcad clients can share data freely, they can edit the same data simultaneously.

Supports Data Entry And Editing Over The Web

  • WebEdit option provides only digitizing, verbal data entry and data editing through web browser

Open Architecture for Software Developers

  • SOAP services
  • Allows software development at the .NET Assembly level.
  • Integrated with the NETIGMA. It can use the Netigma services at the map presentations.
  • Map Services can also be used for other applications.
  • It is documented online with NCDN.



Technical Videos

You can watch the working samples that consisting of topics such as Report Design, Customization of Query Results, Documentation, Process Management, Document Archive, Transaction Logs, Language Support, Netigma Information Resources, Adding Special Page, Creating Netigma Component, NCDN Introduction, Query Templates and Homepage Design.

Netcad Information Sharing Platform

Forum is the technical information sharing platform which is providing free technical support 7/24 based on the Web, more than 50,000 members may ask questions always when they needed, they can get instant answers to their questions by Netcad technical experts, they can examine the questions asked earlier about the curious subjects and their answers.

All you need to do is login to the Netcad Forum. If you are not a member, it is right time to become now.!


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