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Navigation Bar Report Object


The Navigation Bar report object is a report component that brings the values of a particular column in an object's query result list into a report in list form. 

It is based on the query result as the data source. In this way, extra criteria, authority roles etc. related to the query are also reflected in the list. 

The Navigation Bar object is used when generating interactive reports. The interactive graphical report has an integrated working feature with the report object and the reports used in the report. 


To add a navigation bar to the report In the left panel of the Report Design tool, the Inquiry branch under the relevant ob- ject opens. In this breakdown, all queries related to the object are listed as Navigation Bar. The Navigation Bar containing the query result that provides source data to the list is selected and moved to the report design area by drag and drop. 

In the query ending collection of the query that originates in the Navigation Bar object, the object.primarykey ie the GEOMAHALLE.OBJECTID column should be placed. 


sys.permissionrole = If the source query has been authorized, an authorization role definition will be provided in this field. 


emptymessage =  


itemtemplate = Whatever column value is to be listed in the query result list, the name of the column in the itemtemplate field is written in {T@obje.alanadi} format.  


criteria = Default to this field if there are extra criteria defined to the query. Additional criteria can be entered into the report object independently of the query using this field. 

For example = geomahalle.adi_numarasi = 'PEACE'  

queryname = default. 

Ex: StandardNeighborhoodQuery 

alltext = Global Report to be displayed in the interactive report object the text to be displayed on the Link button will be written in this field. If no global report is used, this field is left blank. 

Ex: All / All 

netigmatype = default (Navigation Bar) 

allowmultipleselection = True/False value given.  When it is True, it is possible to select more than one value from navigation board. When False, only one value can be selected from navigation board. 

visible = default (True)  


The Navigation Bar object defined with the above features is located on the left in the report screen below. 

In the right-hand area, the Global Report appears when the All link is clicked. 

allowmultipleselection = False 

allowmultipleselection = True