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Menu Operations


Menu operations in NETIGMA is very easy; you can quickly create menus in order to organize your application; provide shortcuts for your query pages etc.

Creating a New Menu

Go to Management> Framework Operations> Menu Operations


Click on to add new menu, then you see the following window :

Description: The menu item describes in text format.

Display Name: The menu item is the name of the display of the item. 

Image: The menu item, an icon image to represent what is the purpose of the menu.

Module: Select module from the existing module list, for detailed information about modules see here.

Action: This feature determines how the created menu acts within the user interaction/requesting. For more details about actions see here.

Click the Save button to complete the new menu definition.

Creating Hierarchic Menus

The list of menus are placed in a tree structure. When you click the button on the left side of each menu item, you'll see a sub-hierarchy- if defined. For example Management menu includes sub menus(Framework Operations, User Operations etc. To create mıulti-level menus, click on add, button next to the a defined menus, not the add button where at the top

Editing the Existing Menu

  1. Clicl on edit, , button.
  2. The necessary edits are made in the Update Menu window that pops up.
  3. Click on the Save button to save the updates.

Deleting the Menu

Click on delete button.Note that if menu has module selection in its definition, then while deleting module the menu item might be deleted too.

Arrange Menus

To order their locations viewed on the side bar, just drag the selected menu.