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Query Result Report Object


Query Result Report objects,

  • The result of the query selected in the report allows the grid to be displayed graphically on the grid.
  • They are objects created by dragging and dropping a Query Template object from the Fields tab on the report design screen.

The report design tool is moved to the report area by selecting a template from the Fields -> Object Name -> Query breaks query or templates from the left panel. The object is added to the report by defining the Netigma Properties. 

Object Properties

sys.permissionrole: The report shows which role you are authorized to view. 

netigmatype:It determines the type of object. Query Result By default, the Report Object and its variants (Chart Sub-Report Object, Thematic Sub-Report Object) have NetigmaGrid value. 

RowCount: Sets the number of rows to display in the Grid. It defaults to "" (empty string). 

gridwidth:Sets the width of the grid. 

showfooter:Sets whether to display the base row under the grid. If true, it is visible, if false, it is not. It defaults to true. 

showfilter: Sets whether the Grid has filtering capability. If true, filtering is enabled; if false, filtering is disabled. It defaults to true. 

simplegrid: Sets whether the Grid should appear in simple mode. If true, the grid will appear in simple mode. If false, it will appear in normal mode. It defaults to false. In simple mode, some features of the grid such as sorting, paging, adjusting column widths, filtering, line focusing etc. disappear and appear in a simpler structure. 

showpager: Sets whether or not to display the page break below the Grid. If true, is visible. It defaults to true. 

showcolumnheader: Sets whether the headers of the grid's columns are visible. If true, is visible. The default value is true. 



fontsize: The text in the grid adjusts the character size. It defaults to 12. 

criteria:Sets the criteria to be added to the query that the grid will show. Provides filtering of the query result to be displayed. 


Examples of Criteria:

PARSEL.OBJECTID={F@PARSEL.OBJECTID}{F@PARSEL.OBJECTID} // returns the objectID value in the active row.

The IL_ID column value in the parcel table matches records that are the same as the active Netigma user's

{USER@IL_ID} : Returns the active username.

For more parameters: General Variables (Parameters)


Retrieves the value of the QueryString named "EXPR" in the page URL. This value is expected to match the criteriaExpression syntax as in the above examples. 

The EXPR value is typically populated by the Report window report object. The report window report object adds, for example, the selection made on the Navigation Bar to the report page URL in itself, as follows: 


This value is taken with the value {Q@EXPR} written to the criteria property of the example Query Result Report Object in the report.

viewstyle: This property has a Grid value for displaying the query result on the grid.

viewstylecustomattributes: Semicolon separated key:value texts combined. Allows to set detail properties for the object.

visible: It adjusts the visibility of the object. If it is True, it is visible. If it is False, it is not.



gridflags:It is used to edit the grid 's view to show the report. Here are the values you can get.

  • The default value is 0, or 0 if no value is written. 
  • 2: Hide the search line.
  • 4: Ensures that the columns are fully placed on the page.
  • 8: The bottom line (the line where the paging and summary information is displayed) hides.
  • 16: It cancels the paging.
  • 32: Hides the row selection column (the first column that contains the checkbox).


If several of the above options are used, their values will be used by adding them.

For example;

 (2 + 8) 10 is entered to hide the search line and hide the sub-line.


The GridFlags feature and the report showpager, showfilter, and show footer properties overlap. For this reason, the following rules are applied.

  • If showfooter is false or if Hide grid line option is used, the bottom line is not displayed.
  • If ShowFilter is false, or Hide Grid Flag is used, the search line is not shown.
  • If ShowPager is false or if Close Grid Flagging is used, no paging is performed.



  • Chart Sub-Report Object
  • Thematic Sub-Report Object


Display View

Below is a screenshot of the report, which is just received as a grid. As you can see, the report is used to list the query results in the content.