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Repeater Object


If the information in the report is to be repeated, the Repeater object is used to identify these areas. It is located on the General menu under the object, located on the Fields tab. 

Repeater Object Properties

The tablename field will specify the table to fetch data from. The data to bring from Relevantdata and relevanttable is determined. 

The headertemplate is provided with the itemtemplate and footerTemplate to generate html from the data.

For example, the repeater object is dragged into the report and when clicked, the following values are defined in the Netigma Properties area.

Netigmatype: RepeaterReportField


Relevanttable : PARCEL

Headertemplate : <TABLE><TR><TD>PAFTA</TD><TD>ADA</TD</TR>

Itemtemplate : <TR><TD>{T@PAFTAADI}</TD><TD>{T@ADA}</TD></TR>

Footertemplate : </TABLE>

Emptymessage :There are no parcels defined in the selected neighborhood.

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